5 Important Rules in Website Design

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When its time to build up your website, its important to pay attention to every single detail, to check if it serve its purpose or its failing in something.
The following 5 steps are very useful to be sure the website is ready also for the most hard to please people.

1) Avoid Splash and Welcome Pages

Splash or Intro pages are the first thing you can see when you digit a website address. They are normally a very beautiful image with a few words like “Welcome to” or “Click here to enter”.
In fact, they are only a strict link without purpose to connect you to the effective pages of the site.
Do not let your visitors have a reason to exit your site without giving a look to the contents ! Give them immediately the value of your website just in front without any splash page.
Essentially these Intro Pages are good only for Traffic Exchanges, Text Ads Exchanges or Safelist.

2) Use less Advertisements as possible

Nowadays also beginners and newbies are able to pass over ads and banners, so if your website is full of ads is better to remove some of them and leave only some Adwords, BidVertiser or the newest Ad Click Media for example, that can be personalized with the same look of your pages.
You have to let your visitor view as much content as possible, hiding your Affiliate Links on your texts, so they are not pushed to buy, but they can choose what and when buy .

3) Have a Clear and Easy Navigation

Your site have to provide a simple and effective menu to inform users on what they can find on your pages as fast as possible.
Its important to avoid Flash and Dropdown menus, because if your visitor don’t know how to reach a specific area, he will leave without thinking too much.

4) Have a Sub-Menu indication on your pages

When your visitors are engaged in browsing, you have to be sure they know in which part of the website they.
So they will be able to change section or come back to home page in a second, without losing time.
Its important to give a straight clue because its too easy to close your window

5) Avoid using Automatic Audio on your site

How many times are you irritated by websites that start to play high-volume audio, specially on night when your parents are sleeping or when you are at office ?
So you can understand how its important to avoid any automatic sound when people reach your homepage.
If you want a tip, you can place a apposite little box in which you can find the play, pause and stop button with ByoAudio.

These are only simple advices that can help your visitors to keep your site in their bookmarks instead on sending it to trash.
More other tips can be useful stay tuned.

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