Zamurai List Builder Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 17-04-2013


Zamurai List Builder


Zamurai List Builder” is the new release by Austin Lilley and Joshua Zamora, and let you increse easily the number of opt-in subscribers through a new technique.
Instead of showing your autoresponder form anywhere on the blog, like most of the marketers are doing without much success, it works on your favorite keywords.

It takes any keyword you desire, and transform it in a live and colorful link. As soon as the visitor hover that keyword with his mouse, a new autoresponder form pops out from that word.
A fantastic idea I never seen before and never tried, but you can imagine how powerful it is! This spreads curiosity, and people love to register in your list.
Imagine, you can prepare a new list connected to a specific keyword, so for example you can associate a keyword research report to the word “keyword”. Easy!

And if you want you can offer a blogging cheatsheet to people that will register from the optin form that pop-out from “blog” or “blogging” keywords!
As you can see this is a winning strategy to get a lot of more subscribers with much less efforts!
You can count on two versions for this plugin; a single site version and a multi site one. You decide!

The thing you can be sure of, is that this plugin takes your list building on another planet, and you will be able to see results from day one.
Also witha minimum traffic, “Zamurai List Builder” offers high conversions! And that’s what really makes me happy!