Blog Fresh Power Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 09-01-2014


Blog Fresh Power


Blog Fresh Power” is a brand new WordPress plugin released by Joshua Zamora and Jay Venka, that in 90 seconds can change the future of your blog, giving it much more traffic and better rankings on Google as well as in other search engines. What it does is incredible: it adds new snippets of text and new videos to your old articles, making them new! And you can even change the date of your articles, even by selecting the folders to touch, and leaving untouched the ones you want to keep as-is.

With the new Google rules, it doesn’t matter any more if you have a good number of backlinks, an optimal pagerank, a super SEO, or fresh and interesting contents. If your articles become old, there’s nothing to do, for Google they are rubbish… And this plugin, that comes with single site license or developer’s rights for small prices until tonight, it’s the right solution to pump your old articles and for giving back life to them!

You get also some cool bonuses too, including many releases done by Joshua Zamora in the past months, like “Zamurai Fiverr Rolodex”, “Easy Traffic Massive Conversions” and “Zamurai Interactive Blueprint”, that alone make the price of this product.

No one has ever thought about a solution to this common problem, and “Blog Fresh Power” is like a treasure box for who blogs by some time.
Now even the posts of years ago can be covered by a new light!