If you want to become a Warrior+Plus Guru, here is the way!

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Every day hundreds of new offers appear on Warrior Forum, but the ones offering something new are just a few.
And this offers are raking up a lot of cash: Yes, thousands of dollars easily.
It’s the incredible thing of Warrior Forum, the best, biggest and well known internet marketing forum.
As you probably know each one of this offers is called WSO, Warrior Special Offer, and you pay $40 to publish it and to get it on first page for just a few hours. Usually no more than half a day.

Yesterday the genious of WSO Jay Boyer, has released a video course on how to launch huge WSO’s with the help of WSO-Plus. It is called “Warrior+Plus Treasure Map“.
This course contains 21 videos and all the knowledge of the millionaire Warrior, able to make over $31K in less than 1 month and half, with over 8,000 new subscribers.

Here is the list of the 21 videos, just to have a course’s panoramic:

  • Video 1: Warrior+Plus Overview
  • Video 2: Your Warrior+Plus Account
  • Video 3: Introduction to WSO Tracker
  • Video 4: WSO Tracker Search
  • Video 5: WSO Alerts
  • Video 6: WSO Product Research
  • Video 7: WSO of the Day Tips
  • Video 8: Warrior+Plus Support
  • Video 9: Your WSO Purchase History
  • Video 10: WSO-Pro Overview
  • Video 11: Approving Affiliates
  • Video 12: WSO Setup
  • Video 13: WSO Pricing Strategies
  • Video 14: Warrior+Plus Analytics
  • Video 15: WSO Upsells
  • Video 16: Processing Refunds
  • Video 17: How to Promote WSOs
  • Video 18: Researching WSOs to Promote
  • Video 19: Affiliate Links
  • Video 20: Last Word on Refunds
  • Video 21: Warrior+Plus Conclusion

As you can see, this is a top quality course to learn all the tips about launching a WSO-Plus, in face he doesn’t tells only about the strict WSO launch, but also about the power of upsells, the big help coming from affiliates, and some notes about promoting other’s WSOs.
This is a long time desired course, because before you can only find this information by yourself, testing and testing again on your own.

The good things about this “Warrior+Plus Treasure Map” is that is good for new and expert sellers, because Jay Boyer is releasing all his secrets to become a winner at WSO+Plus.
And more, if you are not interested in selling your own products on Warrior Forum, he will show you how to make cash with other people’s WSOs as an affiliate.

I’m on Warrior Forum by 2 years and 1 month now, and I saw many WSOs about how to launch your best WSO, but no one of them talked about the additional WSO+Plus, that is the winning factor for my opinion.
This is different, for this reason I wanted to write this review.

Get “Warrior+Plus Treasure Map” before the price raise up, and you can really start making money on the Warrior Forum!