WP Update Notice Modifier Released!

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 01-08-2012


Today I’ve launched on Warrior Forum a plugin created by my friend and colleague Tim Carr: “WP Update Notice Modifier“.
This plugin permit you to hide the WordPress core and plugin update notification on any WordPress blog you install for your customers, and the good thing is you can change this voices with your own message.

This permits you to enter an offer for installation of updates, so that the users have no choice at all than calling you or emailing you for the update.
And your earnings are growing on weekly basis!

No one until now has ever created a so powerful plugin, and the results for us have just came during our proof period. In fact in the months of June and July we were able to install 35 updates on our client blogs, for a good return.
With this “WP Update Notice Modifier” you can become a hidden administrator of their blog, so that blog owners can think just about contents.

Imagine how many things you can do thanks to this plugin…
You can keep updated blogs more secure than outdated ones, and you can assure this service to blog owners that don’t have time to keep everything up-to-date, and more you can keep track of everything in case of blog problems after one plugin install, just keeping a backup copy before installing anything.

This is a terrifying tool, able to multiply your earnings on weekly basis, and you know how many updates the plugins are getting during the normal use of WordPress blogs? A lot!
And you could also decide the price of your service, if offering a price for each update, a monthly update package or an annual package. That depends on you and on your connection with your customers.

Buy “WP Update Notice Modifier” and change the mindset of your clients, forever!