Mervik Haums WP SqueezeBar Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 12-11-2012


WP SqueezeBar by Mervik Haums

Today Mervik Haums createad a new gem: WP SqueezeBar.
This is a brand new WordPress plugin who allows you to trick your blog readers in a simple way.
Just like Google, Microsoft, Firefox and many others, it place a little bar on the top or below in the screen with social network share links, personal links or a wonderful list building autoresponder form.
You decide how to compose this bar, which color use and how to adapt it to your blog look.

This Squeeze Bar, as Mervik calls it, stays on the screen, well visible. This bring a big change, because people is attracted like bees to honey.
They will share your contents on social, they will click what you want, and finally they will register to your list, bringing up your profits.

You know, it’s difficult to have visitors collaborating in your blog. Just here, on Blog In Da Box, until now I’ve got a few signups to my list with the little autoresponder code on the right.
So from tomorrow, when I will install this bar on my blog, everything will change for sure!
You can choose between a single site, multisite and developers version, you decide which version fits best!

Mervik Haums is a dear friend of mine, and every WSO he did become a success in sales. Why? Becuase he provides quality!
So run, choose your version and install it on your blog. Prices are rising, be fast to grab WP SqueezeBar!