WP Spy Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 25-05-2015


WP Spy

What can you do if you need the same power of Moz, without the hefty price tag? Simple! You grab a copy of “WP Spy“! It’s a new plugin that gives you the right SEO analytics, but saving a lot of cash for other things! Keywords, charts, backlinks, social shares, tracking. WP Spy does it all!

When it comes to SEO analytics, Moz is one of the best out there. However, you’re gonna pay a minimum of $99/month to access it. While Moz is awesome, and worth every penny, it’s beyond the  reach of many. Instead this plugin is available, right now, for the price of $17.

Easy to install, you can run it every time you need a report about any competitor site, so it will be easy to grab their methods, their techniques and the products they use day by day for ranking their sites before your one.

This plugin takes care of all what you need to do to become a SEO expert in no time. And more, it gives you the opportunity to grab competitor’s WP themes and plugins, by discovering them even if hidden! All with a single click!

WP Spy” is really incredible, and you can’t really miss your copy if you want to get better rankings! Consider also it’s actually one of the few good plugins about SEO ever made.