WP Shoppable Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 29-04-2019


When you go to a website, what is the first thing you notice?

That’s easy, the Images!

Images grab your attention, your eyes are drawn to them and they stand out. So why are you not monetizing those images?

Well, now you can with this…

==>  Turn Your Images into Commission Generators!
With the brand new “WP Shoppable” plugin you can turn any image into a “Shoppable Image”.

Don’t know if you remember, eons ago I launched an ebook showing you this technique, that nowadays is no more available for free. And now, someone created a WordPress plugin for that!

I’m so excited when I see these software, because it is creativity enhanced at 200% 🙂

These “shoppable images” let you to add affiliate links directly into the image allowing your website visitors to buy anything that is shown in the image!

In short, in turns every image on your site into a commission machine.

==> Go See The Demo Here!

Thanks and see you soon!
Alessandro Zamboni