WP Link Tracker Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 30-01-2013


WP Link Tracker

Nowadays anyone involved on internet marketing needs a link tracker and cloacker, but “WP Link Tracker” does much more for your business! This useful WordPress plugin has an awesome double function: it’s a professional link tracker by one side, and a special link cloacker by the other!

Link tracking functionality is really useful to better comprehend from which promotion your sales are coming.
For example, you will have a tracking url for your links on social, on your blog and on other third part websites.
This is very usefu for targeting the right system anytime you are going to promote something new!

Link cloacking instead is another cool option to keep your affiliate urls secret. In fact, instead of showing your clean affiliate urls, it will create new ones with your own base domain name, like the ones you currently see here, on my blog.

Two interesting options for a single and low price. All in a unique place, without becoming crazy with software to run and websites.
Having a cloacked link is more professional versus your next-to-be customers, and tracking links is the unique way to save time comprehending what works and what not.
This helps you to dedicate more time to the right tasks, and save time on the bad ones who are not producing good results.

For these reasons I highly suggest you to buy your copy of this awesome “WP Link Tracker“, an optimal WordPress plugin for managing all your links professionally and in one place only!