The Newest Facebook Timeline Skins

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 20-12-2011


Facebook, as well as any other social service, it’s trying to update its services on monthly basis, tryng to stay updated versus competitors. The latest idea is called Facebook Timeline, that will be activated on second half of January 2012, so I want to present you the first “Facebook Timeline Skins“, the way to customize the new section recently released by Icun on Warrior Forum.

But.. What is Facebook Timeline?
The Facebook Timeline permits to users to create their history page, from day one to present. It’s like a visual diary. And a good thing is adding a little touch of customization, in terms of graphics.
This package it’s a great deal if you are planning to sell your personalization service, or you want to build up a better personal timeline. It includes over 58 timeline skins to adjust following your taste, and a complete video training to dominate the new system, with the following instructions:

  • How to edit Timeline Images.
  • How to setup a Timeline Profile from zero.
  • All the features of the new FB idea.

This package is sold through dimesale, so the price is going up, until the author decides it’s time to close the sales and say “Merry Christmas!”. Icun produces always wonderful wordpress plugins and amazing add-ons for Facebook and other social networks, and this is a quality tool for who wants to make money with the new Facebook Timeline.
You can sell the new skins, with installation service, to companies, societies, real estate agents, and personalities.
You can make a lot of money producing the first custom graphics ever!

The graphics are provided in a useful PSD format, that permit you an easy customization, to include the company’s name, images and details.

So grab your copy of “Facebook Timeline Skins” and start working for the biggest social network, that is now counting over 850,000 worldwide members!