How to choose a good Hosting

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After you have thought on your best personal domain to register, you are in front of a big question mark : which is the best hosting provider to choose ?
This is a lucky time for worldwide customers because of many competitors offering a good plan to host your website.

I think you have to consider some key points before, that can help you to achieve best results at a good price, avoiding completely problems and downtimes :

  • 1) You have to be sure you choose an international and really trusted web hosting company.
    Some of the most reliable and competitive are the following :
    Midphase Site5 iPower
    Sometimes they make incredible special offers, and you can take an unforgivable plan for the same price of a normal one.
  • 2) Prefer a website hosting that offer a cPanel hosting or a Fantastico hosting, because this two systems give you a lot of useful options to apply to your site, specially if you are trying to build
    effective website like blogs.
    Assure to get compatibility with MySql and Php, useful to made more functional site with special scripts like Joomla or something else e-commerce related.
  • 3) Choose a plan with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space.
    If you make a website with great traffic and more contents these two voices will become your daily nightmare, so act before this happen.
  • 4) Check if a good support Help Desk is avalaible, best if 24:7 (always active) because in case of errors or problems you are in trouble with poor hostings.
    The most powerful one I used was absolutely the Site5 one, followed by the Midphase one.
    If you will choose one of the hosting companies I suggested you will never have to become mad to receive a fast answer to your questions.

Before making your final decision please think about the value of your project and then check all the offers made by each one of the Hosting Companies before act and signing up.
Visit more forums and Internet Marketing Gurus blogs to check which host is the most recommended.
If you will find a good domain name followed by perfect hosting you will avoid any future problem.

StartXchange, my preferred Traffic Exchange !

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StartXchange is absolutely my favourite Traffic Exchange, active from 2001.StartXchange is absolutely my favourite Traffic Exchange, active from 2001.

That’s very simple to use but offers a great set of really useful features.

1) The best thing is the Team Surfing, where you enter in a team (only by invitation) to complete normal task and to receive weekly bonuses.
Team Surfing is my favourite type of surfing, because I met a lot of good friends and I’m staying in touch with them every day, learning a lot of informations.

2) Every 100 pages surfed you can get a random bonus of points (banner credits) and you can check where are you in the Top List and how many points are separating you from the member in front of you.

3) You can receive also a profuse bonus during normal surfing (a percentage number till 25%).

4) It has a good Forum, full of tips for newbies and info for experienced users and you can also earn points simply by posting.

Keep in mind that StartXchange is not a direct money making website, but if you wish to advertise free your website that’s your first step, absolutely.
You can use this Traffic Exchange with other ones, 5 or 6 in total at the same time to avoid confusion.
And don’t forget to organize all your different exchanges to bookmarks, to access them speedy when you need it.
Actually it is ranked in the first position inside the most famous Affiliate Funnel website and it’s followed by more than 40000 worldwide members.

That’s why SXC is over the top on my bookmarks and also on daily routines !