New Webinar – Step-By-Step Local Lead Generation Blueprint

Posted by Admin | Posted in Informations | Posted on 25-05-2012


From now on, here at Blog In Da Box I will present you the best webinars around, based on important concepts useful for any internet marketer.

This webinar is based on a step by step local lead generation blueprint. It will be on air Friday May 25th at 8:00 PM EST and it will be available upon registration at WebinarSwaps

This exclusive webinar will be based on Joe Troyer experience, and he used to make a lot more of $50K in less than 2 months, thanks to local lead generation.
A complete training including all what you need to build a lead generation company who can sells leads on request to companies for huge dollars.

Joe Troyer runs a famous IM firm, and he has trained a lot of local marketers who became successful dominating all their local markets and he will show you how to create a 6-Figure business company on lead generation.
This is a one-time Vip event, and you can’t lose this golden opportunity.

Inside this exclusive webinar, you will learn:

  • How to grab your slice of a multi-millionaire industry
  • How to pick the right niche
  • Where to find a constant flow of customers
  • Case study to transform you from loser to winner
  • How to track all your results
  • And a lot more!

If you miss this event, it will be a great loss of knowledge! On the webinar you can ask also your question live, and get the right answer from a millionaire!
Register now at WebinarSwaps