Video Review Master Review

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Video Review Master

Yesterday I purchased a copy of “Video Review Master“, and I was happy like a child while I was trying this software for the first time. You install it copying the files in a subfolder of your domain name, and just by following a few steps you may create websites like these two:

You can add the title, a product image (transparent or not), a description, change the background, add a footer link, additional links, add SEO details, and change everything you see on screen. It’s very easy to use, no limitation. With first purchase you get a single site version, good if you are planning to use it on your personal domain.

If you go after the first 3 OTOs you see, that for me are useless (because you can add all the images you want inside the software, so no need to purchase them), you will be offered a developer’s version that will permit you to install on unlimited personal domain names and to create new accounts for your customers on your domain name.

This is huge, and can increase your affiliate sales, because video sells, but you don’t need to record videos! Just find a good video from Youtube, and you are ready to incorporate it! “Video Review Master” is outstanding!

Vegan Diet PLR Pack Review

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Vegan Diet Niche Pack


Mike Mckay launched this “Vegan Diet PLR Pack” by telling the news only to his own list, for an exclusive launch. After some efforts, I was able to get the affiliate link, and here is definitely one of the best PLR niche packages I’ve ever seen about Vegan diet. It includes:

  • 10 Vegan multivitamin product review articles.
  • 15 Vegan protein product review articles.
  • 10 Vegan multivitamin product review videos.
  • 10 Vegan protein product review videos.
  • 50 Vegan PLR articles.
  • 1 “Vegan Cooking for Newbies” PLR eBook
  • 1 “Vegan Health Lifestyle” PLR eBook
  • 1 Vegan infographic
  • 1 Vegan header and footer
  • 6 Banner graphics
  • 1 Youtube channel background
  • 1 Facebook Timeline
  • Exact match domain names research data
  • Keyword research data

All with the usual quality by Mike. Great videos, that review the most in-demand products in Vegan niche, with the ready articles to be used just under the video. More, you get all what you need to grow up an entire resource site around this healthy niche. Vegan diet is not simple to follow at first, because it requires much more attention in ingredients selection, in foods to avoid, and in cooking process.

So a lot of people all over the world are in search of these cool information. If you want to open a blog about it, a Youtube channel, a Facebook Page or Facebook Group, or just use the PLR articles to create additional eBooks to resell, the final choice is yours.

What I wanted to let you know is that you can be an happy owner of this brilliant “Vegan Diet PLR Pack“!