Ultra Kindle Sales Review

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Ultra Kindle Sales


I’m always sad when I see a Kindle training guide, because there are hundreds, if not thousands on the market. But this one offers another great point of view on the Amazon Kindle marketplace. And it’s huge!

Ultra Kindle Sales” infact explains how to get a list of fans to review your new book, and shows you which is the right moment to contact them, because as soon as you publish is not the right moment! And again, how to be sure to get relevant and serious reviews only, without risking to get fraudolent reviews. But you will be able to discover how to create a huge prelaunch buzz, for each one of your next books. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, as this is just the first chapter!

The second chapter is entirely about idea generation, and it shows how to never go out of new ideas. You will see how to get a constant flow of ideas, with easy and modern ways to stay on top of new trends and stories. Then it shows also how to organize your ideas for the future, to create an incredible plan of attack for the future.

And then the third chapter, that shows you the secrets on how to spy over the entire book release industry in just a few minutes, and also this chapter has a big value. You will discover how to get more views to your books, really targeted and how to use social network to get more eyes on your book pages.

And as I said, this is just the tip of the iceberg, because inside “Ultra Kindle Sales” you will find a lot of additional ideas, methods, and techniques to become not only professional book authors, but also outstanding sellers!