Ultimate Offline Pricing Guide for $1!

Posted by Admin | Posted in E-Books | Posted on 04-08-2011


I’ve found a big deal on Warrior Forum this night… Its name is “Ultimate Offline Pricing Guide“, and it costs just $1. Incredible but true, and it comes from a big name of internet marketing: Peter Beattie.
This is a 22 page guides about a case study of a 27 years old man able to build up a 6 figure offline marketing business from zero. Ok, the first few pages are just presenting a new product on launch in next 5 days, but the rest it’s a full explanation of his case study, very very interesting.

Peter shows you how to develop your offline business, also thanks to outsourcing, to save time and get more jobs to be completed (remember, you will be never able to do that money working on your own!), and then he gives you the most adviced price for the service you are going to do for your customers.
He first checks competitor’s prices, then he elaborates his plan of work, giving you important details on the jobs you could propose in your work and the connected prices.
This is just what you were missing, I’m sure of it, because also I sometimes feel overpriced, other times underpriced. With “Ultimate Offline Pricing Guide” you can be on the right mood really fast.

Inside the e-book, what I’ve liked more is the system in which Peter cash in around $150 for each hour for just re-designing a website!
That’s an incredible source of earnings!

He analyzes a lot of service you could provide, like website creation, Facebook Fan Pages, SEO, video creation, web hosting (using also referral packages), and mixed website services.
It’s a huge thing for any offline service marketer. “Ultimate Offline Pricing Guide” by Peter Beattie is something unique, and for just $1 you are here again? Go and buy it!