The Launch Bible Review

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The Launch Bible


Today one of the most valuable secrets in marketing will fall into your hand: “The Launch Bible“. This secret is a checklist that top internet marketer Alex Jeffreys uses to earn 7+ figures of passive income per year. A recipe his students recently paid $6,000 to unlock, even though it fits on only 2 pages of letter size paper.

When they saw the contents for the first time (at an exclusive “closed doors” private event), the entire room went dead silent. Minutes later, they couldn’t stop talking. It was crazy. Now “The Launch Bible is being released, and it will be available to everyone who wants to invest just less than 10 dollars.

You get the famous 2-page checklist paid $6,000, together with text and video with all what you need to learn, nothing hidden. This is a gem, and I purchased the front end product plus the first OTO, that includes all the recordings of a huge event that Alex Jeffreys did last year. Cool… I’m studying all of this today.

And I’m sure you also can learn a lot of tips and tricks to start selling directly, without making all the typical errors of who wants to start without a guide. So please check it out “The Launch Bible” while you still can, and while the price is still embarassingly low.