Tee Spring Case Study Review

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Tee Spring Case Study


Whatever we saw about Teespring.com, was a shoot in the dark, at least for me. All lead me to nowhere. Instead this “Tee Spring Case Study” is the best starting point for building a good income on monthly basis by selling custom t-shirts.

The authors of this guide, Peter van Zijl and Mark Thompson, have made errors for 13 times, without earning a dollar. But finally, they comprehend how TeeSpring works, and how to make money from that platform. By spending $20 a day, they are able to earn up to $723.35 a week.

And this is a great result that you can build up the way you like, with more or less power. You get the right design for the t-shirt, with the best colors and design to choose, and no instructions are left out. More, you get the same ad and ad copy, to let your FB ad work like crazy.

A real over-the-shoulder look at a real life successful TeeSpring campaign. And you can learn which were the errors they made on the 13 first FB ad campaigns, so that you can avoid them and go straight to the profits.

You are in good hands with the authors of “Tee Spring Case Study“, so start and build your own remunerative t-shirt campaigns and discover how to transform TeeSpring in your own cash cow!