The Power of Plus Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 20-02-2014


The Power of Plus

Sue & Dan Worthington have released “The Power of Plus“, a complete all-in-one course about using Google+ for internet marketers only. Apart the incredible sales page, really well created, what you’ll find on the inside will leave you completely astonished…

With the basic plan you can find 23 videos (Yes! Twenty-three!) that will guide you into many topics I’ve never heard before, even with over 3,400 followers on my G+ account!
After a good introduction (don’t jump it!), you can find basic information on Google+ system in first three videos of module 1. In module 2 things change, because you will find incredible and never seen info, like:

  • How to launch a business page.
  • How to use Google+ locally.
  • Posting on Google+ (lots of tricks here!)
  • Circles and Circle Volume.
  • Creation of a bookmarking circle.

And then we can pass to module 3, where you will find other incredible gems, to build your authority, like:

  • How to grow your circles and their engagement.
  • Discover the real power of +1’s.
  • Content curation and lots about content.
  • Embedding Google+ into your site.

And finally the module 4, with other super techniques, like:

  • How to format texts and posts.
  • Much more about posts.
  • How to know who +1’d your pages.
  • Learn the advantage of communities.
  • All about Google Plus events.
  • Conclusion, with recap.

All of this, in 23 videos, it’s literally underpriced until 21th February evening. Then the price will go up to $47, and then much more, a more than normal price for what you can learn. With the new techniques you will be able to take seriously advantage of Google+ for your growing, and your site advertising. And you can even become a coach about it with all what you will learn inside this video class.

Make yourself a gift, don’t miss it! It’s too valuable to leave on the table. And Sue and his son Daniel deserve success for what they offer you! Remember also that you can count on a Gold and Premium upgrades to learn even more advanced lessons, to become a Google+ Guru!

Sorry if I needed more words than usual, but I’m really excited about this “”The Power of Plus“” video course!