The Healing Power of Honey Review

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Healing Power of Honey

Sue Fleckenstein recently released her own new PLR package about “The Healing Power of Honey“, a great set for your healthy websites, or for your most beautiful projects ever. This PLR pack includes a lot of things, like:

  • Report, with 2,690 words in 11 pages.
  • Editable eCovers, available in 2 styles.
  • Powerpoint slides.
  • MP4 video.
  • 6 images.
  • 30 tweets.
  • 5 tips posters including a blank one.
  • Keyword suggestions.

This is a well-done product with PLR rights, great for health. Many people in the world love honey and use them on daily basis, and all of them could be interested on knowing more about the healing
properties of this product.

The Healing Power of Honey” is something different, something you won’t find around with ease like many other products. It’s a gem, something unique for your followers!

Art of Aromatherapy PLR Review

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Art of Aromatherapy PLR

Today Sue Fleckenstein released “Art of Aromatherapy PLR“, a huge package of contents for you, carefully created. If you have a website that targets health, natural living or treatments and yoga, then you are in for a super surprise.

This aromatherapy pack can be used across many different niches including: health, allergies, asthma, sleeping issues, yoga, tai chi and much much more. More and more people are turning to using natural treatments for health issues including dealing with stress and for treating their pets.

The Art of Aromatherapy will teach your readers all they need to know to get started with using essential oils. ​Here’s what you get in Sue’s offer today:

  • Main Report with over 4,200 words of content.
  • 2 Ecovers with editable files – includes blank design.
  • Animated Opt-In Video to help you build your list.
  • Autoresponder Series to help you connect with your readers.
  • Social Posters to match the ecover design – blank and ready to go styles.
  • 5 Amazon Product Reviews.
  • Reviews turned into MP4 Videos + editable files.
  • 2 Animated Videos – MP4 ready to use.
  • 5 Related articles.
  • 30 Tweets.
  • 1 set of 5 banners – use to promote the report or as affiliate tools.
  • 60+ Royalty free images – not available on public sites.
  • Intro PDF – How to Use Your PLR Pack.
  • Keyword & Available Domain Names.
  • Research Report.
  • 5 PowerPoint Slides of the articles.
  •  Posters perfect for Facebook & Pinterest.
  • Sales & Download Page Text + Bonus Landing Page Plugin.

This pack is only on sale at this price for the next 7 days and the price does increase with every sale. And you know how much I care about Sue Fleckenstein’s PLR products. They are huge, and this “Aromatherapy PLR” is a wonderful opportunity.

Internet Marketing Email Series PLR Review

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Internet Marketing Email Series PLR


Whenever Sue Fleckenstein releases a new PLR, I grab a copy, and this time she made a wonderful “Internet Marketing Email Series PLR“*, that includes 21 emails to send your list, or setup into your autoresponder to exit automatically at desired date.

If instead you want to use them differently, you can join them all in a good eBook, and you will obtain a 40 pages guide with over 7,600 words! This emails set is the best you may offer, especially to your list, because it’s the best way to meet new subscribers and show them you are taking care of their growth. Use two emails and one promo email, then again do the same until you finish the set.

At the end, you will have a really solid list, and you can mail 5 promos from Monday to Saturday, adding some good contents inside, and then give them a gift on Sunday. It’s my method, you know. Otherwise, if you don’t look at email marketing right now, use this set as a wonderful eBook, and I’m sure you will sell a lot of copies!

Here are the email contents:

  1. Thank You and Here is Your Download.
  2. Setting Up Your On-line Business.
  3. Setting Up Your Website.
  4. Installing Your WordPress Theme.
  5. WordPress Tips.
  6. WordPress Plugins.
  7. Now that Your Site is Set Up.
  8. Adding Pages & Posts to Your New Site.
  9. It’s Time for Content
  10. The All Important World of List Building.
  11. Building Your List – The Ups and Downs.
  12. Building Your List – Creating Lists.
  13. Building Your List – Getting Subscriber’s.
  14. Building Your List – Opt In Forms.
  15. Building Your List – Follow Up Messages.
  16. Tips for Your Follow Up Messages.
  17. The All Important Aspect – Traffic.
  18. Recap of Where You Are Now..
  19. Branding Your Content
  20. Content Creation Tips.
  21. Monetization Tips.

As you can see this “Internet Marketing Email Series PLR“* is a complete set, nothing is missing and you can really make a good use of all the included information!

* Discount code: EMAIL5

Fit Over 50 PLR Review

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Fit After 50 PLR

Sue Fleckenstein is back with another huge private label rights pack
about fitness: “Fit Over 50 PLR“, a complete set of materials about 
fitness for a huge segment of people. Inside the zip file you will find a
lot of items, including:

  • Main eBooks with over 4,800 words of content.
  • 2 eCovers with editable files.
  • Social Posters to match the ecover design.
  • 5 Amazon product reviews.
  • Reviews turned into MP4 format
  • 2 animated videos – MP4 format
  • 5 PLR articles.
  • 30 Tweets about finance and lifestyle.
  • 1 set of 5 banners.
  • 50+ royalty free images.
  • Intro PDF titled H”ow to Use Your PLR Pack”.
  • Keyword search with available domain names.
  • Research Report.
  • 5 PowerPoint Slides of the articles.
  • Posters perfect for Facebook & Pinterest.
  • Sales page and download page text
  • Bonus landing page plugin.
  • And all the experience put on the table by Sue!

This is the high quality that Sue Fleckenstein provides. She pays a lot of attention to her PLR packages, and this is one of the best in a new incredible niche for the over 50’s. Awesome under any aspect! Sue’s “Fit Over 50 PLR” is without any doubt the right product at the right moment, especially now that Spring has come and Summer is right behing the corner!

Nutrition & Fitness PLR

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Nutrition & Fitness PLR

Sue Fleckenstein is a dear friend, and an expert writer, and today I like to present you his latest pack: “Nutrition & Fitness PLR“. This is somethinf exceptional if you like to collect and use Private Label Rights packages, because her creates really the best ones. Inside Sue’s PLR package, you will find a lot of stuff, like:

– 3,662 word Fitness Basics ebook
– 7,764 word Nutrition Basics ebook
– 10 Articles, each one with more than 500 words
– Each article presented in a Powerpoint slide
– Introductory PDF
– 2 Animated MP4 Videos
– 2 Powerpoint Videos
– Research Report (products to promote, blogs, and much more!)
– Keyword Reports and Exact Match Domain Names
– Sales and Download Page letters (copy and paste them!)
– Banners with PSD files
– 50+ Royalty Free Images
– And a lot of high quality bonuses!

Sue always create top quality packages, created with long research and studies to give you expert articles, not the usual rubbish you get by some sellers I don’t want to name here… This is a gem, a real package that could help you to start with a new authority blog from zero, or that will permit you to become a Youtube star in literally no time.

Everything you will choose to do with this “Nutrition & Fitness PLR“, will turn into a big success!

Go Nuts For Coconut Oil PLR Pack Review

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Go Nuts For Coconut Oil PLR

Coupon Code: GONUTS

Sue Fleckenstein is one of the most respectable authors I had the luck to know personally, and to work with. So, everytime she releases a new PLR package, I got literally thrilled.

This PLR pack is all about coconut oil, and it’s specifically called “Go Nuts for Coconut Oil“. It includes a lot of awesome stuff it will be a great pleasure to work with, including:

  • 6 pages guide (available in 3 formats, with fully formatted report too).
  • 5 extra coconut oil recipes (also available as stand-alone PDFs, with a blank one for your recipes).
  • Editable covers, available in PSD format.
  • Images, including social posters, memes and more.
  • PowerPoint slideshows.
  • Tweets.
  • Keywords.
  • And much much more!

All the contents were professionally researched for you by Sue, and they are all available on a golden platter with your huge discount if you purchase it until Sunday night. After, you will pay it much more. Give a special lool to this PLR pack, as it is
really huge for weight loss, natural care, healing and much more.

I’ve yet purchased my copy of “Go Nuts for Coconut Oil” as soon as it came out, yesterday. Have you grabbed yours before the coupon code expires?

Niche Formula Blueprints Review

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Niche Formula Blueprints


Today I’ve a special product created by my friend and JV partner Sue Fleckenstein, that is “Niche Formula Blueprints“, something new on the market, because this time she gives you 12 golden blueprints, each one about a special niche, with PLR rights.

It’s like purchasing a set of 12 PLR products, but for the price of a single one, with the usual quality Sue provides for her customers. It’s like Christmas came before to find a so special offer like this!

Thanks to these documents you will be able to create outstanding contents in literally no time, and turn them into viral pieces of content that will call in a lot of more traffic, converting it also in real buyers.

The niches are: dogs, general business, natural health, recipes, Christmas, self-esteem, weight, coffee, mortgages/credit, dating, anti-aging and exercise. A golden set of niches, each one of each includes a Word Template and a PowerPoint Template, that you may reformat in the way you like, and in other formats too!

In fact you may create text articles, MP3 files, videos, change or assemble all the Powerpoint slides together, or share each content as a blog post. There are really infinite combinations to use this package at the full power!

Go straight to the sales page of “Niche Formula Blueprints“, and read all what Sue has to say, I can just guarantee on her top quality products!

My WSO – Belly Fat Burner PLR Package

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Belly Fat Burner PLR

Today is a great day because I launched my first PLR ever! And I did it with my friend and colleague Sue Fleckenstein, that is absolutely the best person to work with about PLR. I’m sure you want to know the topic. It’s belly fat, one of the most lucrative niches about weight loss.

Our “Belly Fat Burner” PLR package includes:

  • Module 1: Introductory report to discover the niche.
  • Module 2: The ebook (19 pages – 5,647 words) plus 11 covers.
  • Module 3: Sales letter + graphics
  • Module 4: 10 original PLR articles taken from the ebook.
  • Module 5: 60+ high quality royalty free images.
  • Module 6: 6 keyword research lists from big software.
  • Module 7: 10 slides created with the articles.
  • Module 8: 20 promotional/informative tweets
  • Module 9: A set of 6 banners.
  • Module 10: Bonuses! (FB Groups plus 2 reports!)

As you can see this is a super powerful package to start from day one and creating a fantastic sales page, supported by a good blog to build up with articles and images and by some good advertising. Just the two reports you could find as bonuses could been sold for the price of this WSO!

You can choose your path and follow it until you achieve success. The price will be really low, but with dimesale. Grab your copy of “Belly Fat Burner PLR Package” right now!

Wedding Perfection PLR Pack Review

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Wedding Perfection PLR


Sue Fleckenstein released an awesome “Wedding Perfection PLR Pack“, a 
super pack including an introductory guide about PLR, a 33 pages eBook, 
3 eCovers, 5 PLR articles and 5 PLR reviews, slides, a list of 700 keywords,
 100 tweets, social posters and 3 different headers to customize.

 Definitely a lot of items!

You can become an authority in a niche that provides an incredible source
 of income, especially in summer when all the other niches are sleeping or
 closed for holidays. You can really start a huge business selling products 
for weddings from Amazon Associates, using the Adsense power, or simply selling eBooks, just to name a few opportunities.

 A huge and time limited opportunity in a niche we’re not used to see in PLR!

As bonuses, you could enter the PLR Facebook group by Sue, you receive a short guide to become an authority of wedding niche, a wedding research report, a custom PowerPoint template and an eBook template.
Just by counting the value of these bonuses, it’s like getting the entire package for free!

For these reasons I recommend to don’t lose this awesome “Wedding Perfection PLR Pack” by Sue Fleckenstein. If you are searching state of the art PLR, you have found the right one!

Self Development PLR Review

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Self Development PLR

If you want to dominate a big niche like self development one, there’s no other thing that start your own affiliate blog, by using “Self Development PLR” by Sue Fleckenstein. This cheap package includes 30 articles over 6 big sub-niches, and one big slide for every set of 5 articles. An incredible job given away for just a few dollars.

Sue Fleckenstein is a well-known author of PLR articles, PLR ebooks and contents. And even this time she created a great package to be used to build up a new business from zero. Just collect these articles, open one review blog, share these articles and add your favorite referral products, for example from Amazon Associates, Cool Junction, or every other affiliate network (someone said JVZoo and WarriorPlus?).

There’s a lot of work made by Sue into this niche, and from now on, you can become an authority in self development, one of the biggest niches where people spend billions each and every year.
Are you ready to dominate it? Grab a copy of this awesome “Self Development PLR” and use it just as I let you see on all the other articles about good PLR packages!