White Label PLR Videos Volume 11 Review

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White Label PLR Videos Volume 11


This is the 11th collection of PLR videos by Steve Dougherty, that puts a lot of quality and experience into his videos. This time the “White Label PLR Videos” collection is about online security, and especially about password managers.
Having 10 videos of this quality at your complete disposal is priceless, because you can use them for building a website to make money (by selling copies of password managers), by flipping the whole website with videos for money on Flippa, or by selling the video package “as is”, with or without additional stuff.

The video packages of Steve have a big quality, they are recorded in HD format, and they are available to you in multiple formats, including CamProj plus AVI, WMV, MOV, MP4, M4V and FLV. All including the transcripts to create new contents from zero, that can be added into your website. A package like this may cost hundreds of dollars if created just for you, but this time you can have it for just a few dollars, and you can get many different ideas on how to use them.

This package is a pure quality option to make money with a hot theme right now, that is password management software, right the day after that 93,000 account passwords were stolen.
So are you ready to make money with “White Label PLR Videos” volume 11!

WordPress Speed Tools PLR Videos

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White Label PLR Videos


WordPress Speed Tools PLR Videos” is the 8th release of the “White Label PLR Videos” by Steve Dougherty.
So you can learn from these videos, resell them as is or edit them to be resold as brand new products.
This time Steve released 11 videos about WordPress speed tools to make your blog faster.

Many people never think about blog loading time, and so they finish to less the 90% of visitors.
In fact, if your site or blog doesn’t load up fast, people will choose another website.
This is a true thing, and how many times we left sites because they were not loading up smartly?

So with these 11 videos you will learn easy methods, tips and tricks and tools to make your WordPress blog loads faster, as faster as possible to be precise.
Apart videos, you will receive text transcripts, useful to be added to your videos and website, or to be used as newsletter if you decide to use the videos to build a newsletter course.
And another important thing is that videos are not basic, but professional as they give real solutions I never used for my blog, through the use of .htaccess file, through the use of plugins and methods I never imagined.

The videos are well registered, and you can even add your logo or your titles to them, because you receive them in multiple formats.
You can use the ready ones, or adapt them to be sold with your logo.
This is a great collection with PLR rights, for anything you decide to do.

You can learn new things, and then resell them as professional training for $17, $27 or even $47 on Clickbank. Thumbs up for this WSO!
So, if you are ready to load your blog faster than ever, and you want to make money from this, “WordPress Speed Tools PLR Videos” is the right product!