FON Spy Tool Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 22-05-2013


Fon Spy Tool


FON Spy Tool” is a new incredible WordPress plugin to spy on your competitors promotional emails.
I never saw something so incredible for sale, especially for a so low price.
Now we will see what this easy to install plugin can do for you:

  • It monitors what list builders are saying about you, your blog, your company and your products.
  • It spies on what your competitors are mailing out every day, also from the most known IM’ers!
  • It exposes the best affiliates who you may contact and add to your affiliate army for promoting your products!
  • You can discover your competition’s affiliate links so that you can pop over them with PPV.
  • It helps you to be protected from FTC, because you can see what your direct affiliates are mailing out!
  • It helps you to discover who sells your products on his own, illegally.
  • Shows you the number of people currently promoting your launches.
  • It scrapes PPV urls from emails for your own PPV campaigns.
  • And much much more!

As you can see this is a never seen thing, a plugin that does a lot of jobs for you!
So, for just less than $8, grab this awesome “FON Spy Tool” and let it work for you and for your business!