Build Your Email List with Solo Ads Review

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How to Build Your Email List With Solo Ads


Have you ever wanted to generate money by sending out an email? Well, my old-time friend Reed Floren has been doing that for years
and one of his favorite strategies for building an email list is by using the power of Solo Ads.

Inside “Build Your Email List with Solo Ads” you’ll find over 1 hour of video training  which is actually an excerpt from one of his $997 coaching programs… for a FRACTION of the price, luckily!

You will learn a lot of things, including:

  • What are solo ads.
  • How to save money by being able to evaluate vendors.
  • Learn how to build your list fast.
  • How to find quality solo ads for sale.
  • How to evaluate a seller.
  • What you need to ask a solo ad seller.
  • How to minimize your risks and MAXIMIZE your profits.
  • How to track your campaign.
  • How to ramp up your solo ad campaign.
  • How to earn a profit from the solo ads you buy.

Plus… you’ll also receive a lot of bonuses, including:

  • Webinar 1 – How to go from production line factory worker to 5 million dollar online marketer, with John Thornhill.
  • Webinar 2  – Now that I’ve bought a Solo Ad what’s next?
  • 15 Minute 1-on-1 business accelerator session with Reed Floren.
  • Powerpoint presentation.
  • Solo Ads mindmap.
  • Copywriting checklist
  • Transcript
  • Customer only Facebook Group
  • Resource list of places Reed goes to buy solos.

Build Your Email List with Solo Ads” provides a lot of value, for a lowest price ever. But be fast, as it is on dimesale and price is going up fast!

Solo Broker’s Rolodex Review

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Solo Brokers Rolodex

If one of your most common questions is: “Where do I find vendors who’s clicks I can resell?” and you want to become a seller of solo ads without lifting a finger, “Solo Broker’s Rolodex” is definitely for you. In fact Jeremy Kennedy shows you how to become professional solo ad sellers without having a list!

And the earnings you can make are huge, because nowadays solo ads are really requested. Between the comments you can see that a person sold the first solo ad in 10 minutes by posting on FB groups, the second made up to $124 in only 72 hours, and the third made a good sale in the first 24 hours. These are unsolicited testimonials for a successful product that share a technique no one has ever thought before.

And if you don’t want to resell solo ads, you may also decide to purchase them for little prices, if compared to actual price on the market, and this is another great point.
So, if you are searching for a ready made business, easy to study and to put into action, this “Solo Broker’s Rolodex” is incredibly valuable!

Knockout Profits Solo Ads Review

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Knockout Profits Solo Ads


Knockout Profits Solo Ads” is the best guide I’ve ever seen about solo ads, for a simple reason. The author, Gavin Birchall, purchased some solo ads from famous marketers, and seen which were the most profitable ones. So your next solo ads purchase won’t be a  bad surprise, but a positive one! In the package you will find an easy to read 9 pages guide with the names of the best solo ads providers, the number of subscribers purchased within the number of signups and sales, so it will be easy for you to choose the next solo ad.

More, on the package you find a txt file with the 13 most converting names, with the url for ordering, and an Excel document within all the other names that doesn’t entered the top. Last but not least, you get also a video of almost 5 minutes that shows you the sales funned used by Gavin for obtaining the good results of over 1,000 new subscribers, 59 buyers and $928.89 of total earnings.

This is one of the most cheap solutions to get success with solo ads. It’s not simple for who starts, and getting a good list like this will give you an incredible advantage. You will discover which person is the most good seller of solos, and you can reap the profits! And by the other way you can discover who sells click from rehashed lists that bring no results at all. This will save you time, giving you the real opportunity to make cash and subscribers with targeted solo ads!

For all these reasons, “Knockout Profits Solo Ads” is a guide that you must purchase.

Solo Ad Secrets Review

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Solo Ad Secrets

Glen Hopkins launched “Solo Ad Secrets” on Warrior Forum on 1st August 2012.
But what is a solo ad? Well, it is an email message you are allowed to send to another person’s email list. Awesome, right?
Having never tried to use solo ads for my internet marketing business, but being always attracted by this type of ads, I decided to buy this training, composed by 2 videos and by a great list of solo ad sellers.

Video length was 63 minutes for the first video, about the direct experience of the author, and 57 minutes for the second video about ad swap secrets, while the list of email ads sender was completed by 45 big names of industry with their Skype details and the url where buying the ads to submit. At first seemed a normal WSO, and I confess I generally dislike the video only WSO with so few things.

But when I checked the first video I was amazed by the contents and by the hidden tips. That was an exclusive interview with Justin Glover, a famous internet marketer able to generate a list of over 26,500 subscribers in only 7 months, only through solo ads. The interview shows highly appreciated techniques to avoid losing money through solos, because they are dangerous if done uncorrectly, and thanks to all this work by Glen and Justin, you will be able to do that without any efforts or any problem.
The main thing you will learn is how to build a list while selling, an awesome combination for every seller, because leads are more targeted than any other type of ad around, like banners, giveaway events, pay per click and things like this. This is the main advantage of using solo ads.

Then you can get other fundamental information to run this type of business, for internet marketing only, on how to create high conversion email messages to get the highest number of clicks and an optimal conversion. More, you can comprehend how to generate spectacular squeeze pages, and a lot of other things to get your conversion rate up to 53%!
If you want an advice jot down the video key points on paper, they will be always useful for anything in your business.

Video 2 instead, added as a secret bonus to the main package, is all about ad swaps, another great list building technique who doesn’t require any expense.
This is much different from solo ads, and that can be made when you have a good list on your autoresponder. So, after you run your solos and you grow up your list, you could direct your efforts to ad swaps.
Easy and funny they will permit you to make more contacts with famous people who are yet involved.

Also this second video is an interview, this time with Richard Legg, another great marketer who built his entire list via ad swaps to the number of 50,000 new leads.
This let you comprehend that sending a newsletter to 50K people with a conversion of just 1%, make your offer sell 500 pieces. Incredible, right? This is what a good series of ad swaps can do.

Last but not least, inside the member’s area I’ve found a complete Rolodex of trusted solo ad vendors with 45 great contacts, tried and tested by Glen and Justin.
So you know they have a quality list, otpimal conversions, and the possibility to get a good return of income. More, you are provided with their Skype name to organize chat and calls to know when the next send will be, and their website where you can check their list size, their price and their guarantees. Consider only this list could cost you $500, no less. And you get it free inside the package.

This “Solo Ad Secrets” is something spectacular and unique, and for $7 this is an unforgivable purchase. I got it, I studied it, and my first solo ad is running in these hours with a lot of people joining my squeeze page.
That’s terribly easy and so funny I can’t wait to launch my next one!