Social Trend Spy Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 25-04-2015


Social Trend Spy

Social Trend Spy” is a WordPress plugin that works on Facebook to search for FB campaigns that are really breaking in results. With this new and awesome tool you can really search for winning campaign to copy and paste for profits.

It works great with PPC, CPA, mobile marketing, FB ads, Teespring, offline businesses, blogs, list building and video marketing, and it could be installed and used in minutes, and it’s perfectly 100% FB complaint, so no risks at all on your side for running it anytime you desire.

Imagine one easy thing… you are searching like crazy an idea to sell something new… a trend. Instead of jumping between websites, feeds, Google and so on, you simply start this plugin, and you get under your eyes the most converting projects in chronological order!

It’s so simple to use, and now that I’ve installed it on my blog, I refer to it almost every day to find interesting information for creating new products, and for running some winning CPA campaigns (yes, I’m getting addicted to Cost Per Action!). All has been created with care by the author.

You input the niche, you get the most converting results, and you’re ready to copy them and profit. Wonderful idea, because thanks to “Social Trend Spy” you won’t have to become crazy to find the best ideas going around!