Social Seo LeapFrog – Revised Version Review

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Social Seo LeapFrog Revised

Barbara Ling released a revised and updated version of her winning “Social SEO LeapFrog“, a great method working for newbies but also for experts to rank your site in a way that Google really loves. In these last months Google changed so much, leaving a lot of people like me and you in total obscurity on what to do, and I don’t tell how many good rankings I lost, even with original contents.

Good rankings mean higher conversions as well as more traffic, that together turn your site into a winning bid. All is easy to achieve if you follow her easy steps to success, and she has a lot of awesome websites ranking really well.

Pay also attention to the OTO, where Barb will give you 0ver 220 niches, with the most asked questions and answers, making really easy for you to know what is best to be promoted. The product price is still low, being a dimesale, so grab your copy and start to use the Barb Ling methods, that saved me and my job in these last three years!

That’s why I recommend this “Social SEO LeapFrog” to anyone, including who purchased it yet (because if you missed the OTO, it’s time to grab it!)

Social SEO LeapFrog Review

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Social SEO LeapFrog

Today I want to review “Social SEO LeapFrog” by Barbara Ling. It’s a good guide that
 shows you how to grab first Google places with the use of Google Hangouts, that
 are a wonderful resources for doing webinars, or for doing videos alone, without participants!

many people don’t know about this last option, that brings your Hangouts up on Google results! This super guide 
 will show you how to give Google what it loves most, in a specific way, with 
Google Hangouts that are going to reward you with top rankings! Then it will 
increase your online authority in your niche via social networks and it will give
 you a free content syndication method to get your contents where really it counts.

I tested this method on my own, with my latest Google Hangout about cryptocoins
, and what I saw that now it’s on first Google page with 4 different good keywords, in most of
 the cases on second position. And it’s better than what I thought! Really!

If you want to uncover a special technique, easy to repeat with 5 simple and crystal clear steps, “Social SEO LeapFrog” is your right choice, especially if you are looking to dominate Google rankings without the usual up and downs!