Social Group Infiltrator Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 30-10-2013


Social Group Infiltrator


Social Group Infiltrator” is a brand new WordPress plugin that sets up a two ways communication with Facebook and allows you to search groups, post, and grab lots of traffic whithout getting banned or blocked.
This is the greatest news for advertising your affiliate offers in complete transparency, in the right groups, without being alarmed of arising problems.

The first step you do when you open this plugin is search for the groups you want to target, between the thousands available, to check how much performing they are. When you find the right one with your selected keyword, select the groups you want to advertise on.
The second step is to post directly into the groups you selected. You can post your direct offer in many different ways, even one for each group.
You ensure that buyers have the right product to check out. And so you can dramatically increase your traffic, and consequently your revenue.

The third step allows you to monitor your sent message, to know if they are right, too much or even too few in the case. So you can adapt them, change them or remove them in time without any problem. The fourth and last step is you can also upload images inside your messages. Cool? I definitely think so!
And you won’t need any technical knowledge as the process is clear and simple.
And I repeat it once more… you don’t risk to be banned!

There’s no better possibility to advertise your affiliate programs, for any niche you choose…
Think about it, because “Social Group Infiltrator” it’s incredibly huge!