Social Email Marketing Blueprint Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 06-12-2013


Social Email Marketing Blueprint


The “Social Email Marketing Blueprint” is a 2 hour and 30 minute live training course that showcases exactly how Ben Adkins started from zero assets, to building a monster email list in any niche, to setting up email sequences that sell a ton of product because of a unique set of “buyer psychology hacks”.
This call has a big value, especially knowing from what it comes. The name of Ben Adkins as a Facebook expert is well known.

This sale goes exclusively for 3 days, then the price will go up to the original value. The course teaches you many things including:

  • Secret “RCEV Method” that Ben uses to grow Facebook Pages from nothing to thousands of fans.
  • How to spends next to nothing to get the Pages started (in any niche).
  • How to grow the Page virally using a small “Seed Audience” to spread the word in a covert way.
  • How to turn around and get thousands of people to talk about the secret “Optin Page” on Facebook.
  • The secret way to communicate with everyone that will signs up to your list.
  • The 5 part email sequence that is responsible for more than 1 million dollars in sales this year alone (in multiple niches).
  • The secret technique that Ben Adkins uses to grow his email list from 100-1000 people in just a week for just $9. (you can do this every week).
  • A lot of additional things and strategies!

The stuff he showed me inside of this training is easily worth over $1000, and I’d pay that in a heartbeat. By my experience with these products I can say that this is the most comprehensive social media email marketing monetization course in existence and it teaches how to make money in many different ways.
Go for “Social Email Marketing Blueprint” without any doubt, because for the price it’s sold, it’s impossible to leave on the shelf! You will never find so many secrets in a single product, especially for this price!