Smart Simulator Machine – The Mobile Marketing Software

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 15-11-2012


Smart Simulator Machine
Mark Sanquist, a famous WSO autohor, launched today a new mobile marketing software named “Smart Simulator Machine“.
This is a game-changing tool, because it permits you to show the real difference beetween the normal site and the mobile site on a cell phone easily.
The good thing is now you can show the real client’s website in mobile format and classic format.
And just because a non optimized website leads to a bad website on mobile platform, it will be easier to convince all your leads and transform them in buyers, customers and repeated clients.

Here you can see how the final web page looks:

Smart Simulator Machine Screenshot

So this great tool generated a web page to upload on your website, just for that specified contact.
So imagine how beautiful can be to email a mobile website promotional email with this page attached. Imagine how simple become to resell a mobile site. Crazy, because the email swipe is included within the purchase, and you can find also some video tutorials to start fast.

A Smart Simulator can be built in less than one minute, and uploaded in 10 seconds to your host.
It’s the new army knife for mobile website sellers! And imagine how many other things you can propose after you get a new customer involved!
Buy this “Smart Simulator Machine” and start to make cash from you offline marketing!