SkyZon WP Theme Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 15-04-2013


SkyZon WP Theme

SkyZon WP Theme is a brand new ecommerce theme for WordPress. It gives you the opportunity to add automatically or by hand your favorite products to sell from Amazon.
Designed by Jaka Pradana, a master of WordPress theme development, it permits you to launh unlimited serious but colorful ecommerce blogs, great for selling affiliate products from Amazon Associates marketplace, from every supported country.
So you can create not only American items blogs, but also Italian, German, Canadian and so on. Cool!

SkyZon offers 6 default colors with millions of different combinations, it’s mobile friendly and auto updates the prices directly from Amazon.
It supports autoblogging plugins like WP-Robot, Associate Goliath, WP ZonBuilder, WP Amaniche, ZonGrabbing and many others, or just manual articles you can write the way you prefer.
This WP theme guarantees also an exclusive feature, that is the 90 days Amazon cookie. That means that if one person clicks an object and didn’t buy, for the next 3 months, if he decides to buy from Amazon, you will get commissions!

This theme is also easy to use, thanks to fast menus to adjust colors and settings, and it’s updated by the authors to add features or fix problems.
SkyZon WP Theme is absolutely the best Amazon ecommerce wp theme on market, right now. It costs just $12 right now, so go for it!