Sitemap Checker Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 27-05-2013


Sitemap Checker


Today I stumbled upon a simple but useful software, called “Sitemap Checker“, for sale on Warrior Forum.
It’s cool because in a few minutes it checks your sitemap file over your sites and blogs, and tell you what’s working fine and what’s not.
All you have to do is install it on your Windows PC, run it and insert a few details:

  • Your blog/sute url
  • Your sitemap url (generally
  • The level of deep (generally leave it on 20)

That’s all what you need to elaborate a CSV file in just a few minutes.
Checking that file with any document reader, you can see which urls and tags are ranked and which not, and repair that easily.
All you need to do is doing some SEO, backlinks, articles or what you prefer versus that urls, and in a few time they will be ranked.

The idea of losing time writing, and get no results at all throwing away time, efforts and money is not the best around, right?
So be always sure your contents are ranked through your sitemap!
Sitemap Checker” does a dirty but useful job that no one is doing. So grab your copy right now and fix your ranking problems with ease!