Affiliate Ace is the Key for JV and Affiliate Profits

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 02-01-2013


Affiliate Ace


Sherman Fredericksen released Affiliate Ace, a spectacular plugin for creating the right pages for affiliates and great sales pages.
You will absolutely love the results that this plugin will give you, because it’s easy and effective to build better and profitable relationships with your own affiliates.
Why? Because they will find what they need for their promotional efforts ready to use at their best!

If you check the best author’s launches, you will see that before the date of launch they build relationship with great affiliates, and they promote the product everywhere.
From now on, also you will be able to build these type of pages:

  • JV Pages
  • Affiliate Pages
  • Affiliate Tool Centers
  • Sales Pages

This is an amazing opportunity and there’s no way to fail!
More, there are also some exceptional bonuses! In fact Sherman gives you a collection of images to use in your new pages, a WordPress plugin good to use the unused parts of your blogs (call it empty parts) and a special ebook who outlines the most important affiliate secrets, for you!

This plugin is easy to install and manage, and doesn’t require any previous knowledge, other than basic administration of the blog.
Get less headaches for create all the affiliate/jv pages.
Affiliate Ace is the right plugin if you launch products, it will help you in a lot of ways!