Share Per View Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 14-06-2014


Share Per View


This WordPress plugin, “Share Per View“, ask the user to share your article on one
 of the suggested social networks before letting him/her accessing it. It’s something different for the
 price, because you can install it on how many blogs you want, yours or not, and for
 the ease of use, really really a breeze to install and run it for a long time without any
 problem at all.

Rather than exchanging content for an email address, though, you’re going to 
offer content for a social share. You will get an increase on your authority and awesome results 
because more visitors mean always more cash, and more readers in the long term.

You receive even the developer’s right license, that gives you the possibility to install and use this WP plugin on all your blogs, but also on your dorect customers blogs. Imagine selling this service on Fiverr: “I install a content protection plugin on your blog for $5”, and specifying what it does into the description. It’s huge and out from ordinary plugins we are used to see!

Last but not least, it’s huge to see and verify that your contents are spreading through the world wide web without a pause! With this simple plugin, “Share Per View“, you may really discover the power of social media sharing!