30 Days to Successful InfoBusiness PLR Review

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30 Days to Successful InfoBusiness PLR


Reed Floren and Sean Mize joined the forces to create an outstanding WSO, called “30 Days to Successful InfoBusiness“, that you could resell, being a PLR, or you can use to learn much more on how to run a great infoproducts business.
I know Reed Floren since the times in which I started my internet marketing adventure, and let me confess he is a guy who knows his stuff, and you can get always quality from his own products. If you add also the name of Sean Mize, you obtain top quality and great contents.

You get the entire training program, it’s 5 lessons that contain 11 MP3 files and 4 written homework assignments. You get 4 complete modules:

Module 1 – Your complete expert content creation system.
Module 2 – How to create an email campaign from your daily emails.
Module 3 – How to create a coaching program from scratch in less than 30 days.
Module 4 – How to create a $300 home study course you can sell on autopilot.

It is crystal clear that “”30 Days to Successful InfoBusiness” with PLR rights is a great course that you can take advantage of for your own acknowledgement, and for making easy money by creating and selling your high ticket coaching program. From what I know, Reed and Sean are two great marketers, and they never hesitate to share their secrets for pennies.

Content Marketing Training PLR Review

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Content Marketing PLR

Sean Mize changed his mind, and released his first PLR package, about “Content Marketing Training“. 17 MP3 files with a coaching he sold for big money a few weeks ago, was turned into a spectacular WSO that you can now purchase and resell as your own, or modify in any way you like.

You can use Fiverr to let someone turn that audio files into texts transcripts for creating a new ebook or a drip feed content membership. Or again, you can turn that audio files into video training, or open your coaching or training group, even on Facebook if you like the idea. This content marketing package is a complete course, something special sold way lot under price. So take advantage and grab your slice of profits!

Inside you will find also the original sales letter Sean used to sell this high ticket coaching before, so you don’t have to create it and you can take advantage of his awesome copy! You have even the opportunity to resell this audio training with the name of Sean Mize near yours, because he gives you the opportunity to use his name together with yours, for example you can just place an intro video saying just a welcome message to Sean, and then introduce people to video series. It’s awesome!

Content Marketing Training” is available, right now, at the lowest price ever, less than eight dollars, and you get a class built by a master like Sean Mize for pennies.

Sean Mize’s 47 Trainings Review

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47 Trainings

Sean Mize is a guy who emerged from Warrior Forum crowd because always creates outstanding trainings, and this “47 Trainings” is something special for anyone who desires to build up a new huge daily blueprint for his business, to create a steady workflow.

If procrastination kills you and your business, or you have simply no idea about what to do each and every day to reach your desired earnings, this product is for you. Because it’s something you won’t find elsewhere, and these trainings were hidden from the market for some time, and this is the latest you will get all them available.

This is the same formula Sean explains to his high level clients for around $300 to $500 a hour, and you can get it for a low low price. You will learn things that even the experts don’t know, and you will be able to deliver value to your customers, better than some gurus.

You will become a master of your own business, by learning things that no one will ever told you before. It’s a good idea to give all this power to your business. Trust me, “47 Trainings” is a big deal, especially if you want to achieve much more with your actual business!

Warrior Forum Secrets Review

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Warrior Forum Secrets

This brand new product, called “Warrior Forum Secrets“, let’s you discover the secret to build up a complete business on Warrior Forum from scratch, guiding you in all the steps, and sharing many incredible methods he used to rake in  thousands of dollars.

Even with a 5 years experience on Warrior Forum I purchased this because the last time I wasn’t able to complete my product sales funnel on Warrior Forum, because it was too difficult to setup. And so I had to pass to JVZoo, and I know I love WF because it was my first selling source, and the one who shared the WSO term with the world.

So this product offers a 65 pages guide where Sean Mize shares not only his big method, able to drive more than 500 to 1,000 sales per week, but also the method to rake in as much affiliates you can, and good reviews for the launch. It offers even the exact emails he used for the JV process, and for the sales process. A gem!

But you find also 2 videos that guide you on how to setup a WSO from zero, with sales letter writing, upload of products and delivery, and two bonus videos, always about the WSO sales process.

For the price it’s sold, I jumped in. And I’m really happy to have done it in time! That’s why I strongly suggest “Warrior Forum Secrets” to you! Because we can all become professional sellers with a good method!

20 WSO For The Price Of 1

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20 WSO For The Price Of 1


Sean Mize prepared this awesome package of “20 WSO For The Price Of 1“, a superb collection of his recent WSOs released on Warrior Forum.
His list is awesome, with:

  • How to Deliver Your Coaching
  • How to Appear as An Expert to Your List
  • How to Easily Create Your Own Continuity Program
  • How to Develop the Entrepreneurial Mindset to Transition from Offline to Online
  • Real World Example of A Coaching Program
  • How to Determine Exactly what your market wants to buy
  • Introduction to Writing a Conversion Campaign
  • How to Match Your Message to Your Market
  • How to Compete In Saturated or Overly Competitive Markets
  • Advanced Training on How to Write the Emotional Element of Your Sales Page
  • How to Write an Email Campaign Naturally, Without Scripting or Advanced Copywriting
  • Advanced Conversational Email Writing
  • How to Find Your World-Changing Purpose So You Can Develop the Passion to Make a Difference
  • How to Become an Expert at Driving Traffic
  • How to Drive Massive Organic Traffic by Leveraging Multiple Content Sites Online
  • How to Reactivate an Old List
  • How to Create Products Using a Paid Teleseminar Series
  • Why Info-Marketers Are Struggling to Get Their Businesses Up and Running
  • Long Term Repeat Buyer Monetization
  • Content Marketing for 2013

As you can see there are a lot of tutorials, some in MP3 audio format, and some given as pdf ebooks. Hours and hours of high quality direct training.
Sean Mize is a brilliant author, direct to the point in every modules or how to video. His techniques are working, and will give you a huge advantage over your competitors.
Go straight for this collection, as “20 WSO For The Price Of 1” deserves your purchase!