Scarcity Demon Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 11-01-2014


Scarcity Demon

Scarcity Demon” is a new WordPress plugin that makes easier to sell your products, because it adds a scarcity factor on your sales page. Your can set for how much time your products will be available for purchase, and after that your sales page will be closed.

You can set timers that go from the desired time to zero, regardless of who connects, or timers that start from your desired time each and every time a new user connects to your website. Scarcity makes people buy fast, because they won’t have the time to think! How many times we save a sales page in our bookmarks for viewing it later? When you do it the sales page stays there for months or even years. Instead if you give only a few hours, or a couple of days to think,
everything changes!

Add scarcity to your product releases, to your master resale rights or private label rights product sales, and you will see a boost in your sales! This is the power of scarcity! And if you check guru sales pages, in 9 sales pages on 10 you will see a time scarcity box!
For this reason I recommend “Scarcity Demon“. It costs around $14 right now, not the $97 I paid for Timerlay!