VideoTube Scheduler Pro Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in Tips & Tricks, Tools | Posted on 03-03-2009


* This Product is not yet available!

Today VideoTube Scheduler Pro was released by Adeel Chowdhry and Ian Del Carmen, so I took my copy and I try to review it as my best.

This program is useful because save your time : in fact it prepare for you your favourite Youtube Videos to be seen in your preferred moments, or beetween one working session and another.
You don’t have to loose any more time reseaching the videos you like, because VideoTube Scheduler will make it for you.
So this software download the video and you can choose when to see them.

The software you will download is large about 560 kb, so it’s powerful but even smaller !
After a speedy installation you can open the software and you can see four icons : one to play the recorded videos, one to play the found video, the third to record the video at your favourite time and the latest to add your favourite keywords for research.
Please remember to add this program at your firewall or it doesn’t display nothing !

VideoTube Scheduler Pro can cut the times spent on Youtube to search videos, just because this software makes all the work for you, proposing just the best quality avalaible videos.
And the names of the creators are also a guarantee !
So you can work more or spend the saved time in other things you like, because Youtube will become your personal Video Recorder, and you can view your videos just when you have time.

So, I recommend you to give a try to this software for the special price of 4.95$, less than a magazine cost.
You will never leave this software close, it’s so useful !

by Alessandro