Fiverr Cash Typhoon Review

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Fiverr Cash Typhoon 2.0


Today I stumbled upon “Fiverr Cash Typhoon“, a new product launched by Sam England together with an eastern Europe museum historian, Michal Witkowski, able to earn $29,484 on Fiverr, alone.

What this guy did was listing easy gigs, or outsourcing them for $1/gig, something that seems impossible nowadays. The method is well explained through modules, where you will be guided inside Fiverr in a step by step way.

You will learn what to sell and how to search things people are searching like crazy, and where to get free tools to work better and faster, and how to market at your best on Fiverr to keep a 5 star rating with no bad reviews and no problems.

More, on the product’s download page you will be able to find 3 bonus videos, each one more interesting than the other, with a good idea to use software for creating gigs before you pay for it, and how to get rid of bad reviews and how to start fast to selling on Fiverr. Great things are shown here.

Fiverr Cash Typhoon” is a well done product, something useful to use since day one, because it provides all the information you need to turn Fiverr into your own ATM!

Offline Fiverr Gold“, a fantastic way to earn a dime with offline businesses by using the power of Fiverr!

Rocking Book Blurbs Review

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Rocking Book Blurbs


Sam England is one of the most respected Kindle author in internet
 marketing, and he always creates outstanding WSOs about Kindle.
 His newest product is “Rocking Book Blurbs“, which shows you 
how  to correctly use Kindle product descriptions.

Another expert Kindle marketer, Rob Howard, used the strategies included to rewrite a customer’s book description based on some
thing pointed out in the training materials, and he saw a really 
outstanding 32% increase in sales, just two days ago. It’s a great
 result, one third more sales with a simple book blurb replacement. Sure, it could be a random success, but I know these two guys and
 I know they are really reputable Kindle experts.

From what I saw
 and learned, my book description are not converting, and I throw 
time and money into the bin, but thanks to this product I’ve the
 huge possibility to improve them and see the sales soaring in a short
 time span. In fact all the time you need to change the description is just less 
than 10 minutes. Simple, fast and incredible. And it works well for 
fiction as well as non-fiction.

If you are fast, because this is a dimesale going up fastly, you can
 say YES to more book sales, by grabbing a copy of this huge
 “Rocking Book Blurbs“!

KD Researcher Software Review

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KD Researcher Software

Sam England and Bill Platt, two of the most reputable Kindle marketers and experts, relesead “KD Research Software“, an awesome tool that could run on Windows and Mac, being an Adobe Air application. What it does is researching your favorite categories and sub-categories and showing you all the useful results you need.

You will discover the real importance of market research, a step overlooked by the most, that instead is a must to be sure your past and next books will sell lots of copies. Instantly discover, in a single window, what your market’s top sellers are doing on Kindle marketplace, including title, cover, description, price and much more! Save your time and get real results!

With this tool you can really get a boost over your competitors, studying their successes and their losses! Emulate the same actions that made other books so successful, and comprehend the secrets behind each book on your category. This tool has really no limits, and the time you can save will repay this software in just a few days!

That’s why “KD Research Software” is so unique and powerful, and more… you can trust Kindle VIPs like Sam England and Bill Platt!

Market Spark Pro Review

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Market Spark Pro


Sam England and Matt Green have released together “Market Spark Pro“, a mind blowing software and method to ranking websites and to drive traffic fast!
It will permit you to:

1) Drive high quality buyer’s traffic to your websites and blogs.
2) Build relationships with other blog administrators to get more sales.
3) Build high quality backlinks to move up your site on search engines.
4) Increase your sales.

This awesome SEO software can find all the most relevant backlinks for your site in just 30 seconds, not hours! And the strategic traffic generation may bring you more profits! This software helps you to build high quality backlinks from these types of websites: forums, blog, competitor’s websites, EDU/GOV links, Squidoo lenses and Wikipedia page. And we are talking exclusively about relevant pages and websites!
Traffic means everything for a website, and without it you can’t get any success, in anything you are doing online.

More visitors can mean more orders, more success and why not, a great list to build up with them all!
But be fast, or the price of “Market Spark Pro” will go up too fast. Now its value goes a lot over the price of sale!

Couch Potato Profits Review

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Couch Potato Profits


I never seen something so funny released as a stand-alone product. This is “Couch Potato Profits“, one of the most easy techniques for permitting to lazy people to cash in with ease a cool supplemental income.
You need to learn and repeat 4 easy steps to start as soon as you finish to read the ebook, and they are these:

1) Watch TV and get some ideas!
2) Take ideas and make a product in 3 minutes! And not an infoproduct!
3) Take another 3 minutes to fill a form to rank high in Google.
4) Get traffic and repeat the process from step 1!

Really easy, right? You watch TV, you jot down ideas on a notes, then you pickup some images, you put them all together and you are ready to go. Then you have to compile an easy form, and Google will put your new product in first places, bringing in a big traffic in literally no time.

It’s a new idea, never seen before and funny to be done on your own! And you can build a good and repeating stream of income, without going crazy! Even a kid can do this thing in his spare time, and earn some easy cash.
If you want another stream of income to be added to your life, and to be reached simply watching tv, “Couch Potato Profits” is a great idea by Sam England! Don’t let this WSO go away!

The Facebook Maniac Review

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The Facebook Maniac

The Facebook Maniac is a new brilliant WSO put together by Sam England and Denis Balitskiy.
It’s all about how to make cash on Facebook thanks to Facebook Ads, and all what you have to do is shown in 6 easy steps.
The authors of this launch, with just an expense of $4.48 were able to earn a total of $90. Good job!

The steps are really well built, and they are about the following topics:

  • How to setup a new FB Fan Page to maximize profits.
  • How to setup penny ads on Facebook.
  • How to get an incredible number of Likes, and traffic, from just your first clicks.
  • How to easily complete the difficult tasks that usually are taking days to be completed.
  • How to copy and paste this method in the best niches around, for easy cash!
  • You can study Sam and Denis case checking how they got a boost in traffic and sales!
  • And much much more!

And if all of this is not enough, you can count on some exceptional bonuses too!
Bonus are including PSD graphics to edit fastly, a free software used for building campaigns, a 39.08% conversion squeeze page and a free SEO Session.

So, if you want to discover the real tricks behind this, and add Facebook as your secondary income strategy, this “The Facebook Maniac” is really what you need!

Ecommerce Mastery Review

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Ecommerce Mastery

Ecommerce Mastery is the new release by Sam England that talks about dropshipping, the art of selling third part company products without having them.
On this way you have no expenses at all, but you can count on thousands of top quality products. You get the price of anything, and you can add the sum you want to any price.
When the product is sold, you keep your part and send the other money directly to the company, that will ship the product(s) for you, with your name on the box. Awesome, isn’t it?

This package includes all what you need to become an expert without making mistakes:

  • A 40 page guide on dropshipping, filled with a lot of tips I didn’t knew.
  • 5 superb videos that let you follow the whole process without any effort.
  • A smart ebook on how to create your first ecommerce website via WordPress.
  • A set of incredible bonuses, about SaleHoo, dropshipping and much much more!

This is one of the most complete package on market about dropshipping and the art of selling.
Buying it, you can achieve a superior knowledge on this topic, and start from an advanced point, making fast profits (and no errors at all!).If you never tried dropshipping, or you tried without good results, Ecommerce Mastery is the product for you!

2012 Santas Big Christmas Package

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2012 Santas Big Christmas Package


Sam England and Lina T. released this awesome collection of 25 WSOs named “2012 Santas Big Christmas Package“.
It contains high quality launches made by the two authors on the last years, and they seem all brilliant products.
Here is the list for the 4 categories of products included:


  • Kindle Ecover Generator
  • Kindle Ecover Generator 3D Edition
  • Kindle Cash Success
  • Ghostwriting Blueprint


  • Driving your Passion to Prosperity
  • Dropshipping University
  • Easy Affiliate Goldmine
  • Fiverr Explosion
  • Holiday Goldmine
  • Insta Web Presence
  • List Action Profits
  • Newbies Guide to Creating Online Wealth
  • Pay Per Call Goldmine
  • Platinum Mini Money Sites
  • Redneck Product Creation
  • WSO Swipe File


  • 12 Month Local SEO Blueprint
  • Facebook Marketing Postcards
  • Offline Consulting Goldmine
  • Offline Goodwill Graphics
  • Reputation Management Flyers


  • Adsense Authority
  • 3 Adsense WP Themes

As you can see there is so much stuff that you can use these reports for two years, if you study just one a month.
But you get more, if you think to offline marketing packages with ready postcards and flyers!This is a lucky moment of the year to grab this awesome collection of top quality products.

Sam England always release high quality courses about internet marketing, and I’m one of his followers.
I buy everything he releases, and this Christmas package is something profitable sold for a few dollars.
If you really take care of your internet marketing needs, you can’t really miss this golden “2012 Santas Big Christmas Package“!