KD Researcher 2.0 Review

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KD Researcher 2.0

Sam England and Bill Platt have released this afternoon a new edition of their awesome software to conquer the bestsellers chart on Amazon with your Kindle books: “KD Researcher 2.0“.

What can you learn about the “Top 100” books in any category in the United States or the United Kingdom? A lot, if you are using the right tool. This software is now available, and it will allow you to compare the Top 100 books in any category and side by side, so that you will be able to see immediately the:

  • Book Covers
  • Book Titles
  • Overall Amazon Sales Ranking
  • Price
  • Year of Publication
  • Number of Pages
  • Number of Reviews
  • Average Rating
  • And more!

If you find a book that you want to see the description, just click the link and you will be brought to the sales page in a new window. Take notes of the interesting things, compare many books at once and elaborate your own plan of attack to sell more books and enter the glorious Bestsellers list! Not with one book only, with all your ones!

Doing this manually is incredibly difficult, and you will lose days to cover all these information page by page by selecting the best books. Thanks to “KD Researcher 2.0” this is not anymore just a dream. You can do it in minutes!

Ecom Exposed Review

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Ecom Exposed

Sam England and Paul Counts have launched “Ecom Exposed“, an incredible software that will help you to discover a surefire way to uncover hot hidden Amazon niches in seconds rather than hours!

One of the hottest trends online is selling physical products on Amazon which is one of the most visited and trusted websites of the world. The problem is that finding the niche markets that are currently hot on this big site takes hours of research and time.

You need to see what products have the most reviews, which products have been in the top 100 for their category, and for how long those products have stayed there. You can do this the hard way or the easy way, as from today you can really make your choice.

The amazing thing is that this technology is not going to cost you a lot, even if it is worth that in the amount of time it saves you and the quality of the data it provides. If you are fast enough, this is priced at an amazing price, and you need to see how powerful is this “Ecom Exposed“, that perfectly runs on Mac and Windows computers!

Easy App Business Review

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Easy App Business

Game apps are really dominating the market nowadays, and thanks to “Easy App Business” you will be able to comprehend how to launch your game apps with 15 easy and digestible videos, coming by Sam England and Maksym Vysochanskiy.

If you checked Forbes recently, you have seen for sure how much that “Flappy Bird” app is earning per day, right? Well… over $50,000 per day! It’s totally crazy! But now you can jump on the huge mobile gaming platform, thanks to this course, and enter the big $4,5 billion business!

In each video you will learn a step of this huge business that is breaking any record ever reached day by day. There are game apps company that are making 10 times what Flabby Bird does on daily basis. Think about famous titles like Hay Day, Angry Birds series, Minecraft, all the titles from Zynga, Electronic Arts and a lot of additional titles based on simple ideas that turned into easy cash…

In the next 10 minutes you can jump on the train of success, with a lot of ready app templates and just a few steps to make them unique. Start now your own mobile game app business with the help of “Easy App Business“!

Market Spark Pro Review

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Market Spark Pro


Sam England and Matt Green have released together “Market Spark Pro“, a mind blowing software and method to ranking websites and to drive traffic fast!
It will permit you to:

1) Drive high quality buyer’s traffic to your websites and blogs.
2) Build relationships with other blog administrators to get more sales.
3) Build high quality backlinks to move up your site on search engines.
4) Increase your sales.

This awesome SEO software can find all the most relevant backlinks for your site in just 30 seconds, not hours! And the strategic traffic generation may bring you more profits! This software helps you to build high quality backlinks from these types of websites: forums, blog, competitor’s websites, EDU/GOV links, Squidoo lenses and Wikipedia page. And we are talking exclusively about relevant pages and websites!
Traffic means everything for a website, and without it you can’t get any success, in anything you are doing online.

More visitors can mean more orders, more success and why not, a great list to build up with them all!
But be fast, or the price of “Market Spark Pro” will go up too fast. Now its value goes a lot over the price of sale!

Publicity Zoo Review

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Publicity Zoo


Publicity Zoo” is a new release by Sam England and Dan Page, and shows you how to get unlimited free advertising by newspapers, local tv, and radio stations.
So every article you write, every book you publish (on Amazon or elsewhere), every blog post you jot down, every video you release can get a huge free advertising on these big networks.
All through the use of press releases.

And within your purchase you will receive 24 pages that will show you the real power of this method for the online world, on how to get all your contents on Google News first page, and then on Google first page.
Then you receive 2:50 hours of videos, shared in four videos: one that check some press releases showing you the best ones and worst ones, to let you comprehend the errors to avoid and the right things to follow,
keeping you involved for almost an hour.

Then a video on how to apply the method to offline marketing, on how to directly send your press release to newspapers, tvs and radios, for another hour.
Then a 20 minute video on how to get the attention by journalists by correctly using emotions, and finally a 30 minute video with some good advanced techniques, and the difference between “pageview journalism”
and “subscription journalism”.

So an incredible product, for a well outlined strategy to get all your press release in front of people that counts, and that can make your name important, and give you a boost in advertising.
Publicity Zoo” shares a great idea, to follow for the rest of your time, for growing your authority on the media without limits!

The Facebook Maniac Review

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The Facebook Maniac

The Facebook Maniac is a new brilliant WSO put together by Sam England and Denis Balitskiy.
It’s all about how to make cash on Facebook thanks to Facebook Ads, and all what you have to do is shown in 6 easy steps.
The authors of this launch, with just an expense of $4.48 were able to earn a total of $90. Good job!

The steps are really well built, and they are about the following topics:

  • How to setup a new FB Fan Page to maximize profits.
  • How to setup penny ads on Facebook.
  • How to get an incredible number of Likes, and traffic, from just your first clicks.
  • How to easily complete the difficult tasks that usually are taking days to be completed.
  • How to copy and paste this method in the best niches around, for easy cash!
  • You can study Sam and Denis case checking how they got a boost in traffic and sales!
  • And much much more!

And if all of this is not enough, you can count on some exceptional bonuses too!
Bonus are including PSD graphics to edit fastly, a free software used for building campaigns, a 39.08% conversion squeeze page and a free SEO Session.

So, if you want to discover the real tricks behind this, and add Facebook as your secondary income strategy, this “The Facebook Maniac” is really what you need!

The Official Warrior Event 2012 Raleigh Video Set

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The Official Warrior Event 2012 in Raleigh

Today I feel very happy to review “The Official Warrior Event 2012 Raleigh Video Set” so very nicely documented and recorded by Brian McLeod & Sam England. This offer is a sale of the proceedings of the Warrior Event 2012 in Raleigh, which was a HUGE success. 170+ Warriors from all over the globe converged in Raleigh for this fantastic annual event, which was generously sponsored by Getresponse, JVZoo, Warrior Forum, Steve Odette (Rapid Residual Pro), Mike Lewis (Weapons for Warriors), Dave Iago, and all the other great folks who jumped in to lend a hand.

Naturally this is the biggest event for all those who always dreamed of attaining success in the field of internet marketing. 13 exposure sessions filled with success experiences and suggestions for new internet marketers, in Video, Audio and Text (slides) formats, is being offered in this warrior special offer.
This is what you get when you pay a paltry sum of $17:

1. 13 Complete High Resolution MP4 Videos (each Video is roughly 200-400 MB in size!)
2. 13 Full Length MP3 Audios (20-30 MB each) that you can listen even while traveling.
3. Original PDF slides of the speakers’ complete presentations. With this you get the feeling that you are actually watching the sessions which you could not attend.

Those who can afford have attended this great event. But for those who could not afford to make it to Raleigh, can now have it with just a click of their mouse. It’s your chance to get this treasure trove of pure money-making expertise, expert advice on business-building and marketing wisdom shared by our superstar line-up of speakers.
The choice is yours, but I suggest to grab this big deal as soon as you can!

Whether you prefer to take years to learn the ins and outs of internet marketing business yourself or learn it from experts by acquiring this package of Videos, Audios and Text in the form of slides, put together and offered as “The Official Warrior Event 2012 Raleigh Video Set” for an unbelievable low price!