Sales Seduction Arsenal Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 18-02-2014


Sales Seduction Arsenal

Sales Seduction Arsenal” is the last idea by Matt Bacak, to group 420 selling phrases by the big copywriter Trevor Cook. These ready to use words, ideas, and phrases are great to be used to give more power to your own sales letter, squeeze page, promotional emails and blog posts, just to name a few.

You know that you have just a few seconds to capture a person with your text? If you are not able to stop the visitors on your page with these tricks you have no more ways to convince them. And having this arsenal of ready “copy & paste” phrases gives you an incredible advantage.
You get, in the pack you receive, all the following:

  • 8 bad words to never use! Never!
  • 50 proven copy transitions that make your copy easy to read.
  • 101 cash generating clichès, to create a vivid picture in reader’s mind.
  • 101 persuasive verbs that turn a bad copy into a big success.
  • 101 best headlines ever written, to make your sales pages a success.

And more, with over 420 proven words, transitions, cliches, verbs and headlines! And as a bonus, you receive a swipe file by Trevor Cook, that lights up an incredible advertising arsenal of proven adverts, Yellow Pages adverts, sales letters and web marketing pieces! For the price it’s sold, “Sales Seduction Arsenal” deserves your attention, because you can get better results in everything you do online!