Safelist Pirate Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 22-01-2014


Safelist Pirate


When I read the “Safelist Pirate” title in the new offers, I thought about the past, because almost anyone has passed by the safelists to build his business. And this product take them under another point of view, totally different from what we think about when we hear the term “safelist”.

You get one software, a PDF guide, a set of video trainings and access to an elite membership. The core of the method is done by the software, that really does the hard work for you. It automatically reads safelist emails directly from a Gmail account, earns your credits by automatically clicking the links, and make delays to seems human, to make the process impossible to be found. It includes even a captcha breaker that solves them automatically, blocks annoying popups and auto-control your volume to stop the auto-playing videos!

This is a state of the art technology! The manual will help you to comprehend how to setup the software and how to launch the process, so that you can earn credits automatically, to reinvest in more advertising, to grow your list without waiting. More, you receive also some good strategy videos to learn how to make money from the process, really coaching you to the profits from zero! And last but not least you get also an unlimited membership access, where you can download everything, access updates and support area for any trouble you may have.

This is a solid opportunity, something that is not easy to be found, because it was just created for this “Safelist Pirate” software.