Responsive Theme Machine Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 23-10-2013


Responsive Theme Machine


Another great Mark Sandquist idea! “Responsive Theme Machine” is a brand new software that in 3 to 4 minutes turn the boring and useless WordPress default theme “TwentyTwelve” in a custom mobile responsive theme, with ease! The TwentyTwelve WP Theme is in fact one of the more difficult to get a WordPress blog ready, because it doesn’t allow much editing, change of aspects, insertion of images in the header and so on.

It’s static, and it’s absolutely not good for launching a great blog, for you or even for a company that asks you this service.
So, to avoid spending huge cash on brand new themes everytime, now you can change the usual default theme by pumping it up with so many new things, that you will never been able to say it’s the TwentyTwelve! In fact you can now upload a logo image and a user defined message on header, like a mobile phone number. And you can even add fancy social networks graphics, ready to be clicked!

You can even insert an incredible quality image slider, to make things much colorful. And what about contents? You can insert them in the way you like!
And at the end of the page you can place a Google Map with your address or with the company one, and an easy to use contact module.
All this was missing from the default WordPress theme, and now you can enhance it this way, by letting it become a completely new theme, responsive and ready to be launched on any mobile phone or tablet, because from now on it’s responsive!

Now you can stop purchasing new WordPress themes, by changing the visual aspect of TwentyTwelve default theme with the help of “Responsive Theme Machine“!