Build Your Email List with Solo Ads Review

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How to Build Your Email List With Solo Ads


Have you ever wanted to generate money by sending out an email? Well, my old-time friend Reed Floren has been doing that for years
and one of his favorite strategies for building an email list is by using the power of Solo Ads.

Inside “Build Your Email List with Solo Ads” you’ll find over 1 hour of video training  which is actually an excerpt from one of his $997 coaching programs… for a FRACTION of the price, luckily!

You will learn a lot of things, including:

  • What are solo ads.
  • How to save money by being able to evaluate vendors.
  • Learn how to build your list fast.
  • How to find quality solo ads for sale.
  • How to evaluate a seller.
  • What you need to ask a solo ad seller.
  • How to minimize your risks and MAXIMIZE your profits.
  • How to track your campaign.
  • How to ramp up your solo ad campaign.
  • How to earn a profit from the solo ads you buy.

Plus… you’ll also receive a lot of bonuses, including:

  • Webinar 1 – How to go from production line factory worker to 5 million dollar online marketer, with John Thornhill.
  • Webinar 2  – Now that I’ve bought a Solo Ad what’s next?
  • 15 Minute 1-on-1 business accelerator session with Reed Floren.
  • Powerpoint presentation.
  • Solo Ads mindmap.
  • Copywriting checklist
  • Transcript
  • Customer only Facebook Group
  • Resource list of places Reed goes to buy solos.

Build Your Email List with Solo Ads” provides a lot of value, for a lowest price ever. But be fast, as it is on dimesale and price is going up fast!

How To Create #1 Best Selling Products Review

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How To Create #1 Best Selling Products


Have you ever wanted create a top best selling product? Well, my old time friend Reed Floren has 5 WSOs Of The Day in a row, and this time he wants to show you his secrets to success inside the new “How To Create #1 Best Selling Products“.

In case you haven’t heard of Reed he’s been in the internet marketing industry since 1999 and has spoken at live seminars in 8 different countries across 4 different continents about internet marketing.

Inside Reed’s new course you’ll find 2 hours of training which is actually an excerpt from one of his $997 coaching programs… for a fraction of that price! You will learn…

* What is an information product?
* Why it’s the right moment to create your own infoproduct.
* The 8 types of infoproducts to create.
* How to create an infoproduct.
* All the recommended tools for an information publishing business.
* How to find out what your market wants to buy.
* How forums can give you product ideas.
* How to survey your potential customers.
* What should you put into your product.
* How to package your new infoproduct.
* How to boost your profits with a product funnel.
* How to use bonuses to increase your sales.
* How to price your information product for maximum profits!
* And much much more!

Be fast to take your copy because the price is rising fast, and the product is still in dimesale for a few hours. You will find also 6 awesome bonuses that increase the value of the pack! For these reasons I think this “How To Create #1 Best Selling Products” it’s really a product you can’t miss!

How to Build Your First List Review

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How To Build Your First List


Reed Floren launched “How to Build Your First List“, his new WSO, and today got the WSO Of The Day, because this is a good system. Good for newbies without a list, but it can add more even if you have a list by some time (for example I’ve found some good ideas for my own list). You are given a video (not a training video but a Powerpoint generated video), a transcript (done automatically as you can see the two errors on first two lines), a checklist, a Powerpoint document, a mind map and homeworks. But the information are top quality.

Apart this, this is a special product, because at the start is good for who is starting with list building (it will be your best asset ever) and for who has yet started and is searching for good ways to improve the list response and get more following. The ideas shown are really out from ordinary, and I’m happy to have received it as a review copy.

So, if list building is yet in your life, or you want to add it, don’t look elsewhere, as for this moment “How to Build Your First List” is really awesome. I’ve added a special bonus to it, my “List KaChing” that will show you visual steps for you, to make things more easy!

30 Days to Successful InfoBusiness PLR Review

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30 Days to Successful InfoBusiness PLR


Reed Floren and Sean Mize joined the forces to create an outstanding WSO, called “30 Days to Successful InfoBusiness“, that you could resell, being a PLR, or you can use to learn much more on how to run a great infoproducts business.
I know Reed Floren since the times in which I started my internet marketing adventure, and let me confess he is a guy who knows his stuff, and you can get always quality from his own products. If you add also the name of Sean Mize, you obtain top quality and great contents.

You get the entire training program, it’s 5 lessons that contain 11 MP3 files and 4 written homework assignments. You get 4 complete modules:

Module 1 – Your complete expert content creation system.
Module 2 – How to create an email campaign from your daily emails.
Module 3 – How to create a coaching program from scratch in less than 30 days.
Module 4 – How to create a $300 home study course you can sell on autopilot.

It is crystal clear that “”30 Days to Successful InfoBusiness” with PLR rights is a great course that you can take advantage of for your own acknowledgement, and for making easy money by creating and selling your high ticket coaching program. From what I know, Reed and Sean are two great marketers, and they never hesitate to share their secrets for pennies.

How to Find and Research a Profitable Niche Market Review

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How to Find and Research a Profitable Niche Market

Finding a new niche market is like finding a gold gem on the ground, and finding it so easily makes everything easy! Thanks to Reed Floren and his “How to Find and Research a Profitable Niche Market“, we have no more ways to say we can’t find a good niche! Purchasing this course you will get 35 videos, of which 32 about websites that will help you to find brand new niche markets, and 3 videos on how to attack these niches to making fast and continuative profits.

You will learn 27 points to check to validate a niche, and 7 to totally break down the market. Reed Floren is a good guy I met years ago at the times of IM Giveaways, time limited events created for giving away your products in exchange of new subscribers. He has one of the biggest lists ever, and it’s a pleasure to see one of his best courses for sale on Warrior Forum.

If you will follow his methods and his awesome techniques, you can be sure to place yourself as an expert in every new profitable market you will find from now on! He explains in great detail what markets are profitable, why to follow them and how to find little gold mine niches in these markets, and how to verify if it is a real solid niche or just a thing to avoid. There are so many nuggets of great info in here, that I will be using the methods from here on within all my future “niche marketing” projects!

Check  out “How to Find and Research a Profitable Niche Market” really well, because for my opinion it will be chosen as a WSO Of TheDay, and the price will rise really fast!