Rapid Mass Listbuilding 2.0 Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 20-11-2012


Rapid Mass Listbuilding

Rapid Mass Listbuilding 2.0 is not the usual buy and go training, it’s an even more sophisticated case study.
In these 2 videos of the lenght of 1 hour and 10 minutes the business-man Ron Douglas explains how he built a list of 270,581 subscribers in only a few days.
I bought it thinking to get the usual trash and rehashed information, instead the first 10 minutes gave me another point of view.

Yes, Ron was not building this list in internet marketing, but in other niches.
Inside the videos you will learn something like the following:

  • How to generate 10,438 leads in only 1 month only with free traffic
  • How to create a viral community who grows automatically
  • How to find cheap leads on Flippa, incredible but true!
  • How to sell simple solo ads up to $4,000
  • How to get freebie seekers to build your list for free
  • How to generate subscribers just searching on Google
  • And so much more!

I cannot obviously reveal more details, otherwise I will show you too much, but this course deserves all your attention.
And for the price it sold, it’s sad not buying it! Less than $10 to enter a new world in list building!
For this reason this is a WSO Of The Day and sold more than 1700 copies!

If you have tried to build your list but you have failed miserably, or in case you built a dead-walking list (with no clicks at all), this system is for you.
Apart the original purchase, that includes a free webinar, you can add the OTO who gives you 5 MP3 tracks with important interviews with great marketing experts showing their secrets in list building.
This is not easy to find, so grab Rapid Mass Listbuilding 2.0 now and start building seriously your active list, in the niches you prefer!