Pure Leverage Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 05-04-2013


Pure Leverage

This article was written to let you know how powerful is the Pure Leverage network, that I joined three days ago.
This business it’s runned by a famous person that is on marketing by a lot of year. His name? Joel Therien, runner of a lot of platforms and by years on the scene. Second, it provides a lot of tools for your internet marketing.

And you can join this club for two reasons: the tools by one side, and the earning opportunity by the second.
In fact after signing up you will receive a lot of useful things, including:

  • Webinar Room with up to 100 participants (in other places you pay $97 a month for this only)
  • Lead Capture System ( a system to get as many leads as you want)
  • Autoresponder with up to 10,000 signups (how much will you pay on Aweber/Getresponse for same service?)
  • Video Email Service (this something so useful and never seen before!)
  • Traffic and Lead Generation (through Solo Ads and Media Buys, with the better offers of the web)
  • CPA Analyzer (All for making money with CPA and caring about your campaigns)
  • Your Business (the section in which taking care of your results)
  • Promotional Tools (Banners, links and ad copies ready to be sent)
  • Your Own Blog (coming soon, this will be huge)
  • Facebook Group (closed membership, just for signed up people)
  • And really soon a lot of other news, including training, ebooks and much much more!

This is really a moneysaver if you are searching for tools to run your business better and faster.
For a 10,000 subscribers autoresponder and a monthly webinar service you are going to spend at least $500 a month, you know… and what to say about the other services? A golden opportunity.
If you add the fact you can earn from the referrals you bring in, with 100% the first month and 50% for any other month they stay in, this become really huge and unbelievable.

This system works like crazy, in fact in the last 4 years it is the unique MLM program I’ve joined. Because I see a great opportunity in this, because for $25 a month you can get all the tools, and if you are good in promoting you can also earn money while you use these services. This is frankly huge!

Pure Leverage is the network we were waiting for, not a scam, and now that’s finally arrived. Join it now, you can count on a 7 days promo for just $1, signing up from my link!
And if you signup through my link, leave a reply below and you will get ALL my product releases, together in a $500 free package. Come on, you will enter a winner group!