Publisher’s Playbook is the way to earn with Amazon Kindle Store

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 21-12-2011


James Sides made it again! Yesterday he published “Publisher’s Playbook“, his new guide to get easy money from the Amazon Kindle Store. And I’ve decided to review it because it’s a new brilliant idea, different from all the others published before.

In just 40 pages, James analyze the success of a great internet marketer over Amazon, showing multiple techniques to join the Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, and start to let your creativity flow.
More, he provides a lot of insider’s ways to get more views and to get your books bought and reviewed like crazy.
I liked so much his way to shown ideas that I will launch all my internet marketing successes over the Kindle platform, and let me confess this is an easy way to build up an auto-cash machine, because when you launch and setup some things, all will proceed on its own.

For reading the book you will need just 15 minutes, and in 1 hour you will be ready to post the first book on Amazon Kindle. James Sides shows also how to format the book for showing right on Kindle, and how to find ready contents so fast you can have a good book created in less than 30 minutes.
This is a winning technique, who includes a big social part and many tips to get even more visitors to your sales page and close many sales, each and every day.
More, you will find a great bonus software from Coby Wrigth, that is the “Kindle Wizard Software”, valued $97, good to format your ebook fastly! And then you can grab also 5 keyword lists and a mindmap for working better and faster than ever…

This is the best guide I’ve ever read about Amazon Kindle publishing, and I advise you read it on your own to open your mind to a new type of business. People tend to buy more books for their portable ebook reader than books printed on paper, so it’s time to jump on this new trend and make so much cash.

Grab now your copy of “Publisher’s Playbook” and start to dominate the Amazon Kindle marketplace for real. This time you can!