Publishers Package Review

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Publishers Package


If you like the idea to publish your ebooks on Amazon Kindle, you must know that there is also another way, always from Amazon. It’s CreateSpace, and permits you to publish real paper books, with more profits. And this “Publishers Package” explain you how to format your book for CreateSpace, and helps you in getting it accepted for publishing.
Withing the two ebooks included, you get a total of 78 pages that clear any doubt you may have on this platform.

Because if you know how to format your book, and the right steps to post it, you can get it approved in just less time. You will learn how to create a better cover with external free tools, and you will discover a new world, including the minimum number of pages required to print your book, the best font to use, how to get an ISBN number and much much more.
You will also get an incredible bonus, consisting of wonderful done for you templates, good for pc and mac, that includes the right trim size, an auto-updating chapters list, and the right fonts to use.

So that will be extra-easy to get your books on a completely new market. Because there is a ton of people that prefer to read a real book than a digital ebook.
For these reasons, “Publishers Package” can be yours for around $7, a big deal.