Publisher Review Accelerator

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Publisher Review Accelerator


Publisher Review Accelerator is the new idea from Deborah and Amy Harrop, two women that love Kindle and created a lot of methods to get publishing more easy.
This tool is an application that runs on Windows and Mac, for a full compatibility. But what this app does? It get reviews for your own launches on Kindle! And more!

Seems incredible, but it’s true! Within the ready swipe files you receive, it will be easy to contact important and well know professional able to review your ebook (or also your articles and texts in general).
This too is what was missing in a so important area like ebook publishing. Considering that many people buy ebooks only if they read reviews, this really rocks!
It will increase your exposure, your fan base and your book sales!

Sure, you can always leave comments on forums, ask to your family members and go to Facebook groups to ask for reviews, but you will never get back anything, guaranteed.
This is really able to change your way to publish ebooks, and will give you a great advantage over your competitors that have no idea on how to get so many reviews in a few hours since the launch.
And forget KDP, the Amazon program to give away your ebook free, hoping for reviews! There’s no more need of that tool!

Publisher Review Accelerator is really the key for success, and it is to buy fast!