Publicity Zoo Review

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Publicity Zoo


Publicity Zoo” is a new release by Sam England and Dan Page, and shows you how to get unlimited free advertising by newspapers, local tv, and radio stations.
So every article you write, every book you publish (on Amazon or elsewhere), every blog post you jot down, every video you release can get a huge free advertising on these big networks.
All through the use of press releases.

And within your purchase you will receive 24 pages that will show you the real power of this method for the online world, on how to get all your contents on Google News first page, and then on Google first page.
Then you receive 2:50 hours of videos, shared in four videos: one that check some press releases showing you the best ones and worst ones, to let you comprehend the errors to avoid and the right things to follow,
keeping you involved for almost an hour.

Then a video on how to apply the method to offline marketing, on how to directly send your press release to newspapers, tvs and radios, for another hour.
Then a 20 minute video on how to get the attention by journalists by correctly using emotions, and finally a 30 minute video with some good advanced techniques, and the difference between “pageview journalism”
and “subscription journalism”.

So an incredible product, for a well outlined strategy to get all your press release in front of people that counts, and that can make your name important, and give you a boost in advertising.
Publicity Zoo” shares a great idea, to follow for the rest of your time, for growing your authority on the media without limits!