Vomit Bag Mailer Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 09-05-2013


Vomit Bag Mailer


Vomit Bag Mailer” is a new curious WSO released some days ago, that shows you a new approach on the postcard marketing method.
It’s a viral new approach to convince offline companies, shops and associations to to buy your marketing services, and it really works!
Let me explain how does it work…

It’s more simple than what you think. All you just have to do is print postcards with vomit bag image on front, and your message on back.
This become the perfect pattern interruption, because people in business has saw everything in the mailbox, but never a vomit bag!
So you have catched their attention, and now they check the back of the card, where they will find your message, your offer, your business card and much more.

Inside this package you’ll find:

  • 1 vomit bag image template, ready to print.
  • 1 ideal short phrase to attach to the front of your postcard.
  • 2 pages of sales letter to better comprehend what and how to sell.
  • A guide of 12 pages to read the real case study by the author.

This is the best way to offer a ready business, giving you all what you need to start without losing time.
The vomit bag mailing can be made from anywhere on the world, and you need just to edit the template with your own language to let it work.
So this “Vomit Bag Mailer“, for just $7.50 right now, in dimesale, it’s just what you need for collecting a lot of sales in offline marketing!