PopIt Plugin Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 06-09-2013


PopIt Plugin


Another popups WordPress plugin… But I assure you this “PopIt Plugin” offers another new brilliant point of view on popups!
Popups have been changed, and once you see the ones generated by Popit WordPress plugin, you will be seriously amazed!
Check some example here:

And you can even setup exit popups, create your offers, messages and shoot them in front of your visitors anytime you want, with or without any delay in seconds.
This is incredible and never seen before, and I’m going crazy on how many popups you can generate with this clever plugin, easy to install and simple to manage.
This plugin let’s you stay in contact with your visitors, by creating opt-in forms they can’t wait to register themselves on, sales they can’t resist to purchase, or just to communicate messages and last news the way you

It uses curiosity to let users interact with the popups you create, and if you check the example, you will fall in love with this plugin, like I did.
It’s awesome, never seen and it will works like crazy for you and for your marketing style.
So “PopIt Plugin” finally brings fresh air in a highly saturated market!