Blab For Beginners Review + Baby Bonanza PLR Review

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Blab is the newest website that like Periscope allows people to meet together in a video call, but gives more advantages than the first one, as there is a new level of participation. In fact in last month we have seen a lot of internet marketers offering that free calls from Blab.

People are curious on how to use this resource, and this PLR package comes at the right moment, offering a superb 20 page guide with a ready membership site to market it in a whole new way. This is really hot in these days, and you can jump in right now that all are going crazy for Blab!


If you like babies and you want to target their moms and dads by selling products exclusively thought and created for them, this “Baby Bonanza PLR” is something huge, as you get access to 10 product reviews written by American experts plus 1 article per week for the rest of the year, that brings the total to 62 articles.

Each article is about a huge product that got a lot of reviews and really converts like crazy. This is something evergreen, as there will always be new babies around, almost 490,000 each and every day! Each article here has 750 or more words, and it’s really the best you can find in this niche!

10 Clickbank Health & Fitness Product Reviews

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10 Clickbank Health & Fitness Reviews

Arun Chandran created this package of “10 Clickbank Health and Fitness PLR Reviews” for who is interested in these two money making niches. The great thing about these articles, is they are all high quality, written to review the top 10 and most converting products on Clickbank market.

By your side, you can use these articles to promote the products from Clickbank, and earn a dime from your review site, from Youtube, from Slideshare, or from article directories. More, you can turn these into posts for your blog.

When people want to purchase a product, the first thing they do is check for online reviews, and these ones are awesome because they fully evaluate the product, with 500 to 600 words for each PLR article. If you instead want to take this article package and resell it “as-is”, you are allowed to do it, and you can, for example, add this to your sales

The products reviewed are:

1) The Venus Factor (612 words)
2) The Truth About Cellulite (629 words)
3) The Ultimate Herpes Protocol (563 words)
4) Reverse Your Diabetes Today (558 words)
5) Old School New Body (602 words)
6) The Muscle Maximizer (556 words)
7) Truth About ABS (502 words)
8) Customized Fat Loss (538 words)
9) The Fat Loss Factor (601 words)
10) Penis Advantage (598 words)

So if you want quality, this is the right article set to make sales on the fitness and health niche, with the most sold products on Clickbank!
Go for these “10 Clickbank Health and Fitness PLR Reviews” and start making affiliate sales!

20 Exclusive Weight Loss PLR Articles

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20 Weight Loss PLR Articles


After the big success he got on the first sale of weight loss PLR articles, Arun Chandran released a second batch of “20 Exclusive Weight Loss PLR Articles“, always about the losing weight niche.
These 20 articles are all above the 500 words, they are written in textformat or doc format and they includes PLR rights and even resale rights if youdesire to resell the package “as-is”.

The things you can do with PLR articles are a lot, because you can putthem in a new ebook, to sell on any market you want, they can be usedfor building new videos to share on Youtube or presentations to share onSlideshare for making affiliate sales. Again, you can use them to buildcomplete minisites, blogs or websites. You decide!
What makes this article packages so successful is the low price, and thehigh quality shared by Arun, that really cares about his articles.

So, if weight loss is your niche, here is a fresh package of quality PLR articles to use for promoting your weight loss niche.
Grab your copy of these”20 Exclusive Weight Loss PLR Articles” right now!

PLR Madness Review

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PLR Madness

Marian Krajcovic put on sale a superb collection of 1,400 PLR Articles called “PLR Madness“.
You can use these articles for your websites, blogs, ebooks, reports, videos, podcasts, presentations and even more.
Or you can just sell them as your own for profits, thanks to the attached sales page template and the 2 videos.

The PLR articles are first quality only, and there are many niches available for you.
Here is the complete list:

  • 25 Weddings Articles
  • 50 Home Business Articles
  • 25 Sales Articles
  • 25 Networking Articles
  • 25 Parenting Articles
  • 25 Babies Articles
  • 25 Pregnancy Articles
  • 50 Law of Attraction Articles
  • 25 Marketing Articles
  • 25 Article Writing Artices
  • 25 Crystal Jewelry Articles
  • 200 Dating & Relationship Articles
  • 175 Health Articles
  • 175 Internet Marketing Articles
  • 175 Personal Finance Articles
  • 50 Recipes Articles
  • 175 Weight Loss Articles
  • 25 Leadership Articles
  • 25 Time Management Articles
  • 25 Organizing Articles

As you can see this is an incredible collection of PLR Articles, but the real power stays in the fact you can also resell this big package for dollars.
And another important point: this collections was built from experienced authors, and this is not the usual package of bullshit coming from PLR market.
PLR Madness” is good for anything. Grab a copy and build your business, using and selling them for profits! A big deal under any circumstance.

100,000 PLR Articles Review

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100,000 PLR Articles

Aigul Erali released yesterday a superb collection of “100,000 PLR Articles“, the biggest and special collection of articles ever created and distributed!
This collections include articles you can use and modify in every way you want, and they pertain to a lot of different categories, including:

  • Arts and Entertainment (4,300 articles)
  • Business (8,200 articles)
  • Computers and Technology (5,200 articles)
  • Fashion (1,300)
  • Finance (16,000 articles)
  • Food and Beverage (2,300 articles)
  • Health and Fitness (13,000 articles)
  • Home and Family (8,400 articles)
  • Internet and Online Business (14,900 articles)
  • Product Reviews (1,000 articles)
  • Recreation and Sports (7,200 articles)
  • Reference and Education (3,400 articles)
  • Self Improvement (4,500 articles)
  • Society (4,800 articles)
  • Vehicles (3,100 articles)
  • Writing and Speaking (1,300 articles)

But that’s not all, as you will receive bonuses too! In fact you will be able to grab “Instant Article Suite”, containing three software for managing, spinning and submitting your articles to article directories.More, you receive also a 1,010 blog posts archive, each one made with up to 250 words. Other value, for the same low price!
This package costs in fact less than $10, and actually is set to $8.82 in dimesale.

Which every set of articles you can do a lot of things; you can launch new websites, write new ebooks and reports, record videos, create longer articles, launch presentations and even more things!
How much will you ever spend for creating so much articles? Thousands of dollars…
So grab now “100,000 PLR Articles“, a superb package created just for you!

Article Marketing Evolved with my Super Article Traffic !

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Super Article Traffic by Alessandro Zamboni

If you are scared only by the name “Article Marketing” you have not to preoccupate anymore…
I just released a few days ago an incredible package devoted to Article Marketing called Super Article Traffic !

I never saw a so special ebook before : it contains all the secret techniques to really become a great Article Marketer in less than 24 hours !
And I guarantee to you that if you buy all the ebooks released until now on this topic, you can’t find all the informations I provided. Really.
Super Article Traffic is simply straight to the point : you will be followed step by step, and all the common errors are explained and solved like never before.

Here you can find only some of the contents provided :

* Article Marketing Basics
* The best and fast ways to find a Good Niche, also with a secret Google option
* How to choose the most effective Keywords with free software
* How to write an attention grabbing Header (with all the sucessful optimized keywords)
* How to make and find easy and interesting Contents for free
* The Best Places to submit your daily Articles
* How to Build an effective and time-saving Daily Plan
* How to earn a full Income making Articles
* How to Drive daily and fresh Traffic to your Websites or Blogs through Articles
* Secret ways to use your Articles for other purposes.
* A complete list of hundreds of the most effective websites to improve your traffic, your sales and your Article’s diffusion on daily basis !

With the Super Article Traffic e-book you will receive an astonishing series of Bonuses, like the never seen before Secret Mindmaps, ready to print and optimal to remember all the explained techiques in a breeze !
I inserted also a greatest John Yeo’s Interview, in which he explained how article marketing can be used to build a professional blogger income.
As a third Bonus I choose to put also 7000 PLR Articles to start your editing work.

Super Article Traffic is a biggest value for a very low price : for my readers only 17$ with MRR Rights included.
Lifetime Upgrades (now I’m at version 1.2 and I’m always available for any question).

Thanks & Goodbye by Alessandro

Monthly Content Club is really Affordable !

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PLR Articles, Websites, Graphics

This night, in one of my unfinished surfing sessions, while I was searching for fresh contents I found a site called Monthly Content Club.
Using PLR (Private Label Rights) content is one of the easiest ways to start making money online for a simple reason : it permit to put your name on the contents and resell it as your own without any more effort than a simple editing.

There are many ways to use PLR contents.
Firstly can be used on your website and monetize them with the help of AdSense and a few incoming traffic.
Secondly can be employed as a newsletter content or also used to promote your site through submitted Articles.
Third PLR ebooks can be used in fact as a way to encourage people to Opt-in to your newsletter or they also can be sold at your desired price to keep the 100% of the profits.
You can even recruit some affiliates to promote your fresh niche PLR ebook or simply pay them a straight affiliate commission.

The possibilities are pretty endless, as you can see.
But there is also a problem, as sometimes happens in all the best things : PLR content is usually very very expensive.
Good, if you are facing with that problem… it is just solved !

Thanks to the Monthly Content Club, you can get a lot of PLR contents for a really small and affordable monthly fee.
They give you every month :

  • 25 PLR articles
  • 1 Professional AdSense Website
  • 24 Custom Graphics each and every month

    I have signed up myself just this night because I know in my own experience that PLR are always profitable at 100%.
    And evaluating the contenta they are giving away I can tell you that they are top notch products.

    The Monthly Content Club is an incredible resource and it won’t cost you a thing.
    Keep in mind that the first month you will receive also 300 Fresh PLR Articles.

    Go grab your free 7 Days Account for Free at Monthly Content Club !

  • A Special Blogging Course – Part 3 of 3

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    Hi, finally we arrived at 6th Day of the Blogging Course, and it’s time to make a conclusion to permit you to become a serious Blogger (with capital B).
    So it’s arrived from John Yeo‘s desktop the third guide that complete all the steps to put a blog on work to make money.

    The contents will be the easiest of the entire course : only 3 pages, dedicated to “Fire Up Your Blog with PLR Content : 6 Attractive Benefits & 12 Creative Ideas to Get You Started”.
    Well, the pages are completely related on how to find good content to keep the website alive day by day and took people’s attention and simply on how to write a good content and make your personal PLR Articles.

    With the resource indicated you can really prepare for your first blog and finally you have no more to ask : how to make a blog…, what I’m missing in my blog…, or Blogging can be a good way for a good income…
    It’s your time !

    Thanks for following my three posts, I hope you will be grateful for this gift.
    So all my secrets are almost reviewed… Almost because you are missing Bloggers Paycheck by John Yeo !
    Goodbye and See You Soon,

    Here is the link for the final download

    Download your Third and Last Report !

    PLR Article Pro, a new way to valorize your articles.

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    From the mind of Mike Steup, one of the most productive internet marketers, is born PLR Article Pro, a new software able to transform your PLR Articles in a complete website, displaying your Adsense, Amazon and Clickbank ads.
    How many time is required to build this type of website ? No more than 5 minutes (on Steup’s website is reported 2 minutes).

    This software come in two versions : the first is Basic, and you get the software, 900 PLR Articles ready to go (36 topics with 25 articles each), Random Home Page Script (capable of let your site change the home page with one of the PLR you have added automatically), a Random Cross Linker script (useful to link randomly one of your pages to others) and a Search Phrase Customizer (allow you to let user find any phrase searched in search engineas to appear where you want on your pages).
    This package comes for only 29.95$ in Basic Version but gives you an imponent help to build your personal valued article pages.

    At the order page are displayed two different options : one to order the package as I described and one another to buy the Gold Version, powered by a boost of new options, like the following :

    1) Random Snippets : these are used to make your web page unique, because little parts of any article are taken out and posted on other pages, making every site different also if using the same PLR Articles.
    2) Affiliate Link Injection : this voice is one of my favourites just because permit you to add clickable links into your PLR Article text !
    3) 1800 PLR Articles : that’s double of original gift, 72 niche covered by 25 PLR Articles each ! So you are ready to build a minimum of 72 websites !

    This powerful version is offered at 47$, a special introductory price for what is offered !

    I like this program essentially because it’s speedy to load and powerful as a suite to use.
    With a few articles you can build a SEO Optimized website that can give you also an income through the Adsense, Amazon and Clickbank Ads posted, giving also to your visitors what they are just searching for.

    An example of a website built with this software is Belgian Chocolate.
    Here you can find all the privileges of Gold Version in action.

    As a gift for reading this PLR Article Pro review, let me gift you with 100 PLR Articles, clicking just here : 100 PLR Articles for You !

    Thanks and goodbye !