Offline Pizza is for sale on Amazon!

Posted by Admin | Posted in E-Books | Posted on 28-12-2012


Offline Pizza on Kindle


This is my first post to let you know that I’ve launched “Offline Pizza” on Amazon Kindle platform!
This is an ebook on how to make money giving a big and free service to all the pizza shops of your city or via web.
You will find my case study, with information on how to advertise your new job for free, and how to rake in new customers each and every day.

This is a new type of business no one has ever tried, so there’s an infinite series of pizza shops searching for your service.
Why? Because they pay to get it, while you can supply it free! Yes!
If you read my ebook on your Kindle reader or within a Kindle software (who runs on every platform) you will get the turnkey method to start fast.

So if you really want a new source of income, easy to manage and to pass to your freelancers, this is the right tutorial ebook.
My system worked well and continue to works greatly, so I invite you to read this with confidence. Remember that only who tries can reach real results!
Offline Pizza is offered for a price around the $9.95 tag, and includes a set of bonuses you can download straight from the ebook!